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3 reasons you need SMS for Salesforce

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If you’re a Salesforce user, we’ve got some news for you….Whether you’re sending reminders, promoting products or breaking up with your other half, SMS for Salesforce is the answer…well, maybe not the breaking up one…

It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, in the office or frantically running around town between meetings; SMS is a great way for you to easily and quickly communicate with your contacts and keep them up to date.  

And while SMS for Salesforce is just one chunk of CloudCall’s solution, it’s an important one. Because it’s build to make your work life simpler and more efficient 

The beauty of SMS for Salesforce

The beauty of SMS is that you can reach your contacts, wherever they, or you, may be. It’s 2022 people, we’re no longer bound to a desks while we try to work through our junk mail, or tied down with a landline phone or fax machine (remember those?).  

In the here and now, remote, fluid working is growing. So devoting your resources to an impactful channel like SMS for Salesforce is a smart decision for your business.  

There’s endless reasons why SMS for Salesforce will save you time, money and boost your sales, but here’s just 3 for you: 

Boost reach and response rates  

You can send more info to more people, quickly and easily, with tools like Broadcast SMS. Broadcast SMS is a cost-effective method of sending bulk SMS to multiple CRM contacts at the same time. If you’re looking to send an update about a product, inform about sales or keep in touch with customers, this is the way to do it. You can even make and manage Broadcast SMS templates to further increase your productivity.  

Never forget a conversation again

With SMS for Salesforce you can send and receive one to one text messages directly from your Salesforce system, safe in the knowledge that all sent and received SMS messages are synced back into the contacts record. CloudCall’s SMS for Salesforce features mean you’ll never forget a conversation again.  

Provide better service 

The ability to stay in touch with your clients and customers from wherever you are means you’ll be providing a higher quality of service. You don’t need the memory of an elephant to succeed people! You can be a forgetful goldfish and still provide a great service! Recap on all past conversations, including searchable SMS conversations, in your contact’s records within the Salesforce CRM.  

Psst…wanna hear a secret? 

ALERT! ALERT! That’s not all… We’ll soon be launching our brand new feature, exclusively for CloudCall for Salesforce. Please welcome to the stage: SMS Automation for Salesforce.  

SMS Automation saves you time, resources, and energy on manual tasks. Implementing SMS Automation is kind of like swapping your old brick phone for a smartphone; quicker, easier and more efficient. 

But more on that later… 

If you’d like to learn more about CloudCall for Salesforce and how it can help your business on the road to success, click here 

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