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3 things we’ve discovered about communication

We all know that poor communication can hold businesses back.

A business’s productivity relies on how well its team members can collaborate, both internally and externally.

What we’re basically saying is, fail to make use of communication tools and processes at your peril! It’s not only performance and efficiency that will plummet, but customer experience could too.

According to our survey of 200 telecoms and CRM decision makers across the US and UK;

  1. 75% of businesses increased the use of cloud communication solutions, with many identifying that it can improve communication, collaboration and agility.
  2. Increased use of communication tools brought better insight on business performance (41%), improved customer experience (40%) and team morale (39%).
  3. When 52% of businesses rank increasing collaboration amongst teams as a priority point – this means something needs to change.

Find out more in our new research eBook, “Crossed wires: don’t let poor communication hold you back in 2021”. Download your copy of the free eBook here.

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