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3 ways to increase productivity with Microsoft Teams

With so many of us continuing to work remotely, programmes like Microsoft Teams are an essential tool to help you stay connected to your colleagues and contacts. In fact, Microsoft Teams has become an essential part of everyday work life for people around the world – allowing colleagues to work together by staying connected.

Here are 3 of the many ways CloudCall for Microsoft Teams will increase your businesses productivity:

  • Streamline processes – Spend less time flicking between software and more time calling leads by accessing CRM contact cards in Microsoft Teams.
  • Share information – Work in real time by searching and sharing your CRM contacts, directly from Microsoft Teams.
  • Reduce manual activity – All your valuable call activity data is synced back into your CRM system.

You can do more than just boost efficiency with our platform. Discover all the great features that we can offer your business by requesting a call back.

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