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3 Ways to Use CTI to Increase Recruiter Productivity

Efficiency is key when recruiting new candidates, and computer telephony integration (CTI) systems are allowing users to manage their calls in a variety of new ways. With a plethora of features designed around productivity, recruiters can now seamlessly phone potential candidates, record their conversations and collate notes within a few minutes, all from their chosen CRM system.

However, this functionality is only possible when recruitment agencies know how to best use the features available to them. When used to their potential, CTI can save users time every single day: increasing productivity – leading to more calls being made and more conversations with your candidates and clients.

1) Stop Dialling Numbers

You no longer need to waste time manually dialling each number you wish to call and, instead, you can simply click on any number and phone them directly. This feature removes the possibility of dialling the wrong number and saves you time each and every day. Time is key when hiring a sought-after candidate, and click-to-call will help to speed up your day. It feels natural when we use our smartphones, so why not use the same feature in your CRM?

2) Use a Dialler and Have More Conversations

You can also power towards being a productivity ninja by using a power dialling feature to call through a prepared list of contacts. With this feature, the dialler will automatically call through the list without you even making a single click-to-call. This is ideal when you wish to call a number of candidates regarding a specific role. This will help you prioritise your calling and make more calls than ever before.

3) Leave Your Message After the Tone…

When calling a large number of candidates, it’s expected that you will not be able to reach everyone and will leave a voicemail message instead. CloudCall makes leaving messages a breeze, with the ability to pre-record up to 5 voicemail messages. This means that you can greet each candidate and leave your pre-recorded voicemail message. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your voicemail messages always sound professional and contains all the relevant information that you want to leave for your contacts.

CloudCall integrates with a variety of CRM systems to let you access all these features within your existing database and streamline your business’ productivity. Check out all of our features here.

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