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4 CloudCall features you’ll fall in love with

By February 12, 2021Product

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you don’t know where to start with a Computer Telephony Integration, these CloudCall features might inspire you… 

*holds for applause*

Okay, so we know we’re not the next Shakespeare. Poetry clearly isn’t our strong point! BUT telephony integrations are, and we reckon we might just be able to seduce you into working with us.

Some things are just meant to be together, they’re the perfect match. Hearts and chocolates, cheese and wine, CloudCall and CTI….. You get the picture. So, rather than letting your CRM spend another year alone, why not pair it up with a world-class integration? This match made in heaven could turn out to be the new love of you life.

Now, there are LOADS of CloudCall features that are perfect for recruiters, sales and customer service teams. So we’ve picked the four top features, that many of our customers have already fallen in love with. Why don’t you take a look? We promise we’ll still be here when you’ve finished day dreaming about how they could benefit your business!

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Call recording

If you’re a sucker for the details, call recording is a must have. Imagine this…You’ve had a productive and chatty 30-minute call with a client, everything went well, and they are interested in buying. BUT, you forget to write down a key piece of information. Did they say 30 or 300? Are we calling again next Tuesday or Wednesday? Do they prefer red of pink roses? Without call recording, your only choice is to call them back and confirm the details you missed. Of course, this may come across as unprofessional and will likely impact that customer’s experience. Call recording allows you to record and store a library of your past calls, providing you easy access to all of those important details at any time.


We all have a preferred method of communication and as the world continues to change, so does our technology. We conducted research, which found that people of all age groups prefer to communicate via mobile phone. Reports have shown that 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes. Enabling your business to deliver important messages and target key groups with SMS, means you’re helping to boost reach response rates, as contact more of your network, faster.

Supervisor Panel

With CloudCall’s Supervisor Panel, you can easily identify the status of every agent on your platform and ensure they are optimizing their performance. We also provide the capability to monitor and manage certain aspects of call management performance in real time to helping you to contribute to overall success of a call without the client knowing.

Inbound screen pops

Inbound Screen Pops prepare team members for incoming calls. Nobody likes having to repeat themselves again and again, each time they call a company. With Inbound Screen Pops, you’ll get access all the information within a customers profile whenever they call you, help you to build a natural rapport. You’ll effortlessly transform the way you work and how you connect with your customers, enhance your businesses customer service and streamline processes with this handy feature.

So, what do you think? Any chance of a second date?

Remember, these are just 4 of the many features available from CloudCall. If you want to get us know us a little better, why not take a look at our full features page?

We know there’s other fish in the CTI sea, but we promise we’re that one in a million. So if you’re ready to take things to the next level, why not give a member of our friendly sales team a call?

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