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4 CloudCall features you’ll fall in love with

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you don’t know where to start with a Computer Telephony Integration, these features might inspire you… 

*holds for applause*

We know we’re not the next Shakespeare as poetry clearly isn’t our strong point, but telephony integrations are.

You’ve heard of a perfect valentines match before, right? Hearts and chocolates, cheese and wine, CloudCall and CTI. Don’t let your CRM be lonely this year, supercharge it with an integration. It could just be the new love of your life.

There are many different CloudCall features that are perfect for recruiters, sales and customer service teams. But we’ve picked out four top features, that many of our users have already fallen in love with. Could you be the next?

Call recording

Never forget the details. Record, store and playback calls, directly from the CRM.


Boost reach and response rates, use SMS to easily contact more of your network, faster.

Supervisor Panel

Remotely monitor your team’s calls and assist them with support, whilst they’re on the line.

Inbound screen pops

Stay prepared for every call, with inbound screen pops that open the caller’s CRM record.

There’s other fish in the CTI sea, but we’re that one in a million. Book in for a demo today.

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