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4 ways a Power Dialler can drive your sales

There are lots of handy tools and platforms available to help boost sales and it’s essential to find the right tools for your business. A CRM integration like CloudCall can help you stay ahead of the competition with a wide range of featuresOur Power Dialler feature automatically calls through a list of contacts allowing you spend your time more productively. You can build a list directly in your CRM or upload a list into the dialler. The power dialler will automatically call through the whole list, with a set amount of time in between each call to leave notes. So sit back and allow the power dialler to do all the manual processes – giving you more time to have those valuable conversations with your customers.

Find out how a Power Dialler can drive your sales in our infographic:

  1. Efficiency is key – Cut minutes of unproductive time out when going from call to call.
  2. Turn the volume up – Using a Power Dialler is going to increase the volume of calls made. This increases the number of conversations and ultimately the amount of sales.
  3. Simplicity at its finest – Simply upload your call list and CloudCall’s Power Dialler does the rest.
  4. Powerful combinations – Step up productivity with a Power Dialler/Voicemail Drop combo. Less time leaving voicemails more time speaking to the clients that answer.

The Power Dialler is just one of the amazing CloudCall features available. Request a call back to find out more!

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