Ways to Improve Collaboration in Sales With CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

4 ways to improve collaboration in Sales with CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

With so many Sales Teams working remotely, we found the perfect way to keep you connected and collaborating as if you were back working in the office together.

Take a look at our 4 ways to improve collaboration in your Sales Team with our intelligent platform and Microsoft Teams:

  1. Make work flows more efficient – Spend less time flicking between software and more time calling leads by accessing CRM contact cards in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Boost productivity – Work in real time by searching and sharing your CRM contacts, directly from Microsoft Teams.
  3. Reduce manual processes – All your valuable call activity data is synced back into your CRM system.
  4. Make contact quickly – Beat the competition by opening contact records and instantly initiating calls from Microsoft Teams.

Did you know? Having solutions linked to Microsoft Teams improves collaboration, information sharing and saves users 1.1 to 8 hours per user per week!1

To discover how CloudCall for Microsoft Teams can improve collaboration and efficiency in your Sales Teams talk to a member of our helpful team or book a demo here.

  1. http://bit.ly/35YMjtV
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