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5 benefits of CloudCall for Salespeople

By July 16, 2021Sales

Your Sales Team might be a hard-working bunch, but you could be missing out on things you haven’t even considered. Precious minutes could be saved with a Power Dialler and Call Recordings can be synced back to CRM records for monitoring and training. The list goes on…

A Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows this to be done automatically, storing all your valuable data back into your CRM system.

Take a look at 5 (of the many) benefits that CloudCall can offer your teams:

  • Capture data – Store calls and chats with a CRM Integration, so you never lose those important conversations.
  • Increase productivity – Save time and boost productivity with single Click to Dial from your CRM records.
  • Boost pick up rates – Display an outbound number that is local to the area that you are dialling to increase pickup rates.
  • Save time – Upload contact lists and automatically dial through with the Power Dialler, saving you time.
  • Build rapport – Ensure you are fully prepared for every call with Inbound Screen Pops that open the caller’s CRM record.

If you want to find out more about how CloudCall can help your Sales Team? Why not request a call back or book a demo.

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