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5 best podcasts to get you thinking

By December 11, 2014Communications
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There are quite a few podcasts specifically about sales and sales strategies. But, when you’ve been working all day the last thing you want to do is listen to a sales podcast on your way home from work. While it’s important to keep up with sales trends and news, it’s just as important to expose yourself to creative, entrepreneurial people from different industries with different points of view. This fresh perspective can help you think creatively as well when it comes to your own work.

The list of podcasts below all provide really interesting ways to look at problems. These new ways of thinking might be just want you need in your sales job.

StartUp Podcast

Alex Blumberg, a producer who has worked on This American Life and other successful podcasts documents his attempt to start his own podcasting business. Each episode delves into a new topic like getting investors, thinking of a name, finding a partner and more. This show is fascinating because Blumberg is completely honest about all the struggles and insecurities he experienced trying to get this company off the ground. It’s a great listen for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Planet Money

I like to describe this as a user-friendly economics podcast. With short, 15-20 minute episodes, this show explores economic concepts you should understand but might not. With episodes on everything from how the federal reserve works to the dating economics, this show is factual AND fun.


Judge John Hodgman

This hilarious podcast with comedian John Hodgman takes place in a fake internet court of law. And each week “Judge” Hodgman presides over a real-world dispute. Example cases have ranged from a couple arguing about whether or not the woman should get a pet snake to one friend accusing another that he honks too much when driving. Judge Hodgman hears both sides and hilarity ensues. The perfect way to get your mind off a tough day.

99% Invisible

A show about design and architecture might seem like an odd recommendation, but 99% invisible explores the everyday objects and occurrences we take for granted. You can learn how magazine covers are designed, how the elevator and the barcode were invented, how companies design their logos and many more interesting topics. It opens your mind to thinking about the world in different ways – a great exercise when facing challenges at work.

Freakonomics Radio

From the authors of Freakonomics, this show explores “the hidden side of everything.” Episodes explore questions like: Does your name affect how successful you are? Do more expensive wines taste better? Are family-run businesses more or less successful than non-family businesses? Is being attractive a big advantage in life and business?

Sometimes simply entertaining and sometimes very practical, this podcast answers the questions you never thought to ask.

Are there any great podcasts you would recommend? Please leave suggestions in the comments below.

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