5 Simple Hacks to Revamp Sales Management and Boost Performance

5 Simple Hacks to Revitalize Sales Management Whilst Boosting Performance

By March 24, 2016Sales

You are hitting your targets and closing more deals than ever but for a winning sales team, this is just not enough. It’s also important to consistently monitor sales performance so that you can spot issues, improve processes, and always keep your sales strategy and goals aligned. To be able to do this, you will need to analyze your team communications and see what high performing team members are doing differently and why some team members need additional support and training.

Here are a few simple sales management hacks that’ll provide you with valuable insight into the calling activities of your sales team and help you boost their performance.

1. Record All Calls

With your CRM, you can manage and track all customer interactions and data through a single system. Use a computer telephony integration (CTI), like CloudCall, to record all calls and track calling activity within your CRM. Monitoring calling activity and data helps provide better visibility into users’ call activities and also improve caller experience for customers and prospects.

2. Track Individual Activity

Once you start recording calls using a CTI, you can create impactful dashboards dedicated to analyzing call activity, within your CRM. With dashboards, you can track overall call activity as well as compare individual call activities. Here’s a great example of a dashboard that we use in our Salesforce CRM system to monitor the calling activities of our Sales team. We are not only tracking number of calls by sale team member for the day and the week, but also the duration of the calls and the number of activities resulting from the call i.e. the number of demos booked.

3. Categorize All Calls

Using a CTI also makes it easy to complete a wrap-up of call activities without navigation to different screens. Using CloudCall, for example, you are able to categorize the call and add notes to the caller’s record, ensuring that all interactions are recorded and that multiple users dealing with the customer can get a complete picture of all of their communications with the business.

4. Use Custom Fields

Most CRMs offer the capability to create custom fields to capture unique business data. You can configure custom fields to appear within the CTI and capture additional call data. For example, with our Salesforce CRM, we use a custom field ‘Call Result’ to capture the call quality. When wrapping up the call, we ask the Sales rep to rate their calls on a scale of 1-5 stars. We then use this data to analyze team call quality and find out the best and least performing team members and how we can do things differently to bring up the call quality.

5. Audit Call Activity

With so much calling activity data at hand, the final hack is to frequently conduct an audit of call activity, rating the health of your team performance on a monthly basis, tracking call data all through the year. This is how you will be able spot the problems and analyze how to improve processes and strategy. You can also use individual activity tracking to identify and reward top performing team members.

With these simple sales management hacks, you can get great insights into your team’s communications and calling activity, using custom dashboards and custom fields to improve performance and processes. To find out more about how you can use a CTI solution like CloudCall with your CRM to track and monitor sales performance, take a look at our Buyer’s Guide to CRM Telephony Integration.

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