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5 Tips for Better Conversations with Customers:

5 Tips for Better Conversations with Customers

Our research on the Art of Conversation has provided a wealth of information on how, when, and in which ways to converse with customers. This is especially useful given the current circumstances of the world and how to continue to have strong conversations remotely. Below are 5 tips for better conversations with customers discussing platforms, perspectives, and the people themselves.

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Your customers still want to talk  

Even with the evolution of technology and the many platforms for communication, the most efficient and effective is picking up the phone. Being able to hear the persons voice and talking through real time scenarios makes it possible to solve problems much faster. Your customers will feel more comfortable and in better hands when they are able to converse over the phone compared to apps, chat bots, and more.

Have customers details to hand 

Due to the many channels of communications, customers find it frustrating having to repeat themselves due to multiple employees, whether they are human or electronic. Having the capability to integrate all conversations into a CRM make it possible to pick up right where the customer left off to make them feel important, as well as keep you organized. The more details you have on hand, the better.

Mobile first 

One thing that most people always have with them always is their mobile phone. This makes it the most accessible way to get a hold of someone. Most do not like to answer calls if they do not recognize the number, so following up with a text gives them the ability to respond when they are available and know who they are talking to.

Tailor your offers 

By tailoring offers, you are personalizing them based on the actual needs of your customers. They feel acknowledged and more inclined to use them when understanding the benefits on an individual level.  This creates a better experience for them overall.

Make sure you get heard  

Calling and texting are the most effective forms of communication, especially while we are all working from home. Emails continue to be a very important form of conversation, but when trying to get in touch with a customer or client it is not always the most productive, as emails are ignored. Make sure you are heard by reaching out to their mobile, where you’re able to leave a voicemail and text message within seconds of each other.

These tips will help ensure that you are well prepared to converse with customers no matter what sector you are in. With the help of CloudCalls features you are guaranteed to have stronger more efficient conversations. 

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