5 tools for contact centre leaders - CloudCall

5 tools for contact centre leaders

Are you supporting your contact centre team remotely? CloudCall has some great tools for you to do so with ease.  

Lockdowns have meant that lots of us are working from home. It can be tough for team leaders to keep track of team’s activities remotely. Our Supervisor Panel allows you to monitor your agent’s productivity without being too intrusive.  

Here are just a couple of the ways CloudCall lets you interact with your team’s calls. 

We haven’t yet made a system that can manage your team for you, but we have made one that can assist in managing, mentoring and training your agents, no matter where you are.  

We know how important it is for you to be there for your team whilst working remotely and in uncertain times. Our features do make certain however, that you are able to support your staff, no matter where you or your agents are based.  

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