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5 Ways CloudCall Ensures the Best Voice Quality on the Market

VoIP Integration

This is the first in a series of articles outlining the benefits CloudCall brings to its customers through industry-leading integrated communications solutions.  

High-quality project plan 

CloudCall works with each customer individually to create a plan that ensures the highest quality of implementation, training, and success. This plan includes set-up and configuration recommendations based on users and locations. We also consider the plans you have for change and growth in the future to ensure your platform is built to scale.  

Run a full test

Within your current software environment (like a sandbox), we will test our solution under the same conditions your users operate in every day. By running this test, CloudCall can identify every technical nuance that is unique to your operationand ensure integration is successful.   

Upgrade recommendations 

CloudCall recommends hardware upgrades within your system parameters and budget. By upgrading your outdated telephony hardware, your organization will be ready for the future 

Dedicated support team 

Our support team of technical customer service professionals can assist with any issues you are facing, at any time. CloudCall also proactively manages unique situations and builds out permanent solutions, so the same issue will not cause sound quality compromise again. 

Network Discovery 

CloudCall performs a ‘Network Discovery’ for every customer to ensure high-quality voice and fast integration is available. Additionally, CloudCall will recommend technical solutions for any potential points of failure or compromise. Listed below are the testing and configuration elements included in the Network Discovery process:  

  • Network Quality of Service 
  • Network Disaster Recovery – Analysis 
  • Communication and 3rd Party Suppliers 
  • Firewall and Antivirus Analysis 
  • Network Capacity Testing 
  • Router Configuration and Testing 
  • Hardware/device assessment 

What’s next? 

CloudCall will continue to offer the best quality VoIP services through network discovery, high-quality project planning, running a full test, upgrade recommendations, and a dedicated support team. Additionally, CloudCall continues to offer new features and integrations through constant product development. If you’d like to learn more about CloudCall unified communications for your CRM, book a demo with our team today 

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