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Are phone systems holding recruiters back?

By August 18, 2021Technology
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Recently CloudCall Senior Sales Director Neville James joined UK Recruiter, as part of their Recruitment Smarts Live webinar series. Neville chatted with Louise Triance, Managing Director at UK Recruiter, about the topic ‘why your phone system is holding you back’.

Don’t worry if you missed out. We have broken down the chat, question by question below, especially for you! Aren’t we nice?

Let’s get into it..

Are phone systems holding recruiters back?

Absolutely, yes, they do! There’re three main reasons they hold recruiters back.

1 – Understanding. Sometimes recruiters don’t recognise that telephony is an important part of the technology in their armoury and don’t respect it in the same way they do their candidates or a jobs board.

2 – Mobility. Being able to log and track calls and communications by using a mobile app, connected to your CRM logs all the data from your calls. Having your telephony integrated with your CRM alleviates any issues of lost insights.

3 – Consistency. Combining your processes allows you to push your systems further. By controlling your phone system and your data leads to higher staff engagement. It enables you to do things such as use past calls to train new colleagues. If you can keep everyone on the same systems, you keep the data where you can see it.

“80% of the job in recruitment is about communication.”

When data is accessible to the whole team, do candidates still have a relationship with a single recruiter?

When the data from a softphone is connected to a CRM, it allows recruiters to give a better service to the candidates. Recruiters can pick up the phone to the candidate and see a list of previous calls and what was discussed on the calls. It helps recruiters to set themselves ahead of the competition.

With an app like ours, candidates will never feel like they are lost in some huge system. Keeping a record of communications helps to provide a personalised experience each time a recruiter speaks to a candidate.

At what point in the growth of my business, should I start to think about telephony?

It should be the first thing you think of. We’ve found that even if someone is a one-person business, or 500 people, they’re still speaking to candidates and clients. No matter your size, you still want that seamless data from your calls.

You should start right at the beginning, so that you can create your library of priceless data from the start.

How can recruiters overcome challenges faced by poor telephony?

There are several key issues facing recruiters:

  • Productivity: with an integrated phone system, you will boost call volumes almost immediately. It gives you more time than before.
  • Admin: automatic call logs, inbound screen pops and more turn your CRM into a powerhouse of functionality.
  • Customer experience: just little things such as knowing who’s calling before you answer and checking previous call logs all help to build that rapport with your candidates.
  • Reports: there’s no point having any of this functionality, if you can’t use the data afterwards. The insights you get from your calls are the most important aspect of a telephony system.

“When your phone system is integrated with your CRM, it makes your job easier. Our aim is to help our users save time and make money.”

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How important is having your telephony system integrated with your CRM?

The most important thing for us, is to make the integration as seamless and possible between the two. There’s no point having one without the other. We want to provide the features people need the most and want the most, to allow them to do their jobs well.

Our features were handpicked with recruiters in mind, to make their workday easier.

What are some of the broader issues recruiters are facing right now?

Right now, candidates want the safety. Recruiters are having to work that little bit harder to convince them that changing roles is the best option.

Finding the right candidate is hard right now too. So many people aren’t willing to move right now, so getting the right experience for the role is becoming more difficult.

Recruiters are having to make more calls and be more creative.

Does a phone system help you to make more calls?

Using power dialing lists allows recruiters to call multiple people with one click. Recruiters can efficiently leave a prerecorded voicemail and then immediately move onto the next call.

The time spent by not manually typing numbers, searching for details or leaving voicemails gives recruiters more time to spend on other tasks.

It’s a mix of automation and still using the human touch.

How can in-depth reporting help recruiters?

Reporting gives you specifics on yourself and your team. As a manager, I can see what calls my team are making, how long for and what the conversion rates are.

I can listen back to the calls and see what is working and what isn’t and then train employees on this. We’re mainly working remotely but I can still see each piece of data about my team’s calls and what they have achieved.

You can’t do that unless your CRM is integrated with your phone system.

How can an integrated phone system lead to better customer experience?

Reporting, training and management tools help to promote good behavior to your team. This helps your recruitment team to compete and provide better customer service. Data and reporting give managers insights into how their team works and what will help them to provide the best possible experience.

With more recruiters working remotely, what tools do they need to be able to work as effectively as possible?

All they need is a headset, a laptop and an internet connection. Everything is in the cloud, we are CloudCall, after all.

Does call recording miss information that you would capture taking real-time notes?

No, as you can still update the notes during the live call! Call recordings allow recruiters to be more present in the conversation, rather than focussing on taking the most in-depth notes as possible.

We have over 43,000 users using CloudCall. It’s because it works. Recruiters using our system love call recording, as it allows them to take another perspective on the call, use it as a training tool and not to miss any important information they may have missed.

How can people get in touch?

If people want to get in touch with us to learn more about what CloudCall can offer their business, they can book in for a demo with one of our team.

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