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Are poor tools impacting your business?

By July 12, 2021Productivity

A shopkeeper uses a till, a chef uses a knife, and a superhero uses a cape. We all like to think that we have the right tools to do our job properly. But what if we don’t?

If you saw an accountant with a spade and a gardener with a calculator…you might think something is wrong.

It’s a fact: using separate systems can hold your business back

Now we’re not pointing the finger. You may not have picked the systems your business uses, you may have inherited them, or been told “that’s just what we use”. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and you’re definitely not alone.

52% of businesses rank increasing collaboration amongst teams as a priority

We recently released an eGuide ‘Crossed wires: don’t let poor communication hold you back in 2021’. It’s available to download for free, here.

Being able to work productively and efficiently relies on how well your teams can collaborate and share data between communication tools, both with external contacts and between colleagues.

If you fail to take control of your systems, then it might not just be performance that diminishes, but customer service too!


There’s one key factor from our research that sets aside the success stories from the strugglers: integration. 52% of high performing businesses had strong integration between their CRM systems and communications platforms, compared to just 39% on average.

This is a big deal when almost 6 In 10 businesses don’t have a high degree of integration and 11% barely have any at all!

Having healthier integration helps keeps teams aligned, boost efficiency and provides massive amounts of all-important data insight.

When CRM systems and communications platforms operate in silo, you miss out on crucial information about the way you operate and whether your strategies are effective.

56% of companies agree that having telecoms and CRM in a single system would improve their business performance

Clearly, it’s at the top of many businesses’ wish lists, but why? Well, we’ll tell you.

When your CRM system is seamlessly integrated with your phone system (which CloudCall does very well, by the way), you are able to:

  • Take control of your data, through enhanced dashboards and processes
  • Supercharge your team’s productivity, saving time and money
  • Use a plethora of great features, including call recording and click to dial
  • Provide industry leading customer service, boosting your sales and closing more deals

Sound like the kind of thing you’d want to learn more about? We thought so.

You can book in for a demo with one of our team today, to find out about what else CloudCall can offer your business.

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