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Episode Sixteen

A Quick Conversation with Dana Ress, CEO at RedPoint Solutions

Tune in to this episode of our podcast series where we are joined by Redpoint Solutions, a leading Implementation Partner & Product Development Outsourcer within the Salesforce ecosystem. RedPoint was founded in 2000 and has been delivering solutions on the Salesforce platform since 2005.

Key Topics Covered

  • We hear from CEO Dana Ress about all the intricacies of ISV consulting partner relationships.
  • The benefits different organisations can support each other with inside the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Insight into how customer needs have changed in response to the pandemic.
  • What vision he has for the future of cloud based technology.

Episode Fifteen

A Quick Conversation With Raymond Pennie, founder of Kyloe Partners

In this episode Raymond talks us through the challenges of running a business in Orkney, which is a remote and isolated island to the north of Scotland. He shares his experience of how he built the business and how things progressed to where they are today. Raymond also sheds some light on what it’s like the be a Bullhorn partner, including the benefits he has found when building his own professional network, meeting prospects and attending events.

Key Topics Covered

  • Raymond’s career history and how he founded Kyloe Partners
  • How Kyloe grew from a small, one room office to employing over 50 people
  • The benefits of being a Bullhorn Partner
  • The challenges presented by COVID and how Raymond overcame them

Episode Fourteen

A Quick Conversation with Dualta Doherty, Founder of Dualta Doherty & Partners

Dualta discusses his experience and what led him up to the position he is in today. He goes into detail about his experience working in a variety of countries, including Australia and Guatemala, before returning to the UK and Ireland. Dan goes over the challenges COVID has put on his businesses and how it’s inspired him to create a network of recruitment leaders to share knowledge.

Key Topics Covered

  • The challenges of setting up your own recruitment agency
  • Dualta’s experience of running a podcast with over 120,000 downloads
  • The differences between scale-able business and lifestyle businesses
  • What to focus on in the business and where to put attention.

Episode Thirteen

A Quick Conversation with Maurice Fuller, Founder of StaffingTec

In the first part of this two-part podcast we speak to Maurice Fuller, the founder of StaffingTec, who is focused on helping staffing firms transform their operations digitally and prepare for the future of the recruitment industry.

Key Topics Covered

  • Using Staffing Technology as a source of competitive advantage
  • What is a virtual conference and how have they evolved since the start of the pandemic?
  • The future of marketing in staffing firms
  • The knock-on effects of remote working

Episode Twelve

A quick conversation with Brian Cunningham, Managing Director of Allen Recruitment Consulting

In our next instalment of the Art of Conversation Podcast we are joined by Brian Cunningham, Managing Director of Allen Recruitment Consulting. Specialising in a variety of sectors, Allen Recruitment have a wide range of clients and candidates across the globe. In fact, this variety has allowed Allen Recruitment to achieve their two most successful months in June and July of this year, despite the pandemic.

Key Topics Covered

  • How Allen Recruitment responded to the pandemic
  • The benefits of cloud-based telephony in the modern day
  • The importance of embracing change & investing in new technology
  • Future possibility for automation in the recruitment industry and beyond

Episode Eleven

A quick conversation with Spencer Trigg, Director, Quanta Recruitment

In this podcast, we hear from Spencer Trigg, Director at Quanta Recruitment as he takes us through the journey of how Quanta became what it is today, as well as sharing his personal insight with over 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Spencer discusses the changes in technology he has witnessed throughout his career and how all businesses can use technology to add value.

Key Topics Covered

  • Quanta’s unique journey over the past 28 years
  • Changing of technology and tools recruiters have
  • The impact of COVID-19 on recruitment & technology
  • What Quanta have been putting in place to maintain business as normal

Episode Ten

A quick conversation with Simon Brennan, VP Sales Europe, Engage Hub

In this podcast Simon Brennan, VP Sales Europe, discusses solutions Engage Hub have rolled out for their retail clients during the pandemic. As well as what they have been doing across sectors including banking, finance, to help brands innovate and dramatically improve customer service & engagement.

Key Topics Covered

  • Retail solutions during the pandemic
  • Improving operational efficiency & customer experience through automation & integrated technologies
  • Innovative cross-sector customer services & engagement insights
  • Using data to drive businesses forward

Episode Nine

A quick conversation with…Colin Whipp, Head of Account Management, Access Recruitment

In this podcast Colin Whipp, Head of Account Management at Access Recruitment discusses his experiences, both professional and personal, on life during the COVID-19 pandemic with our Channel Marketing Director, Daniel Fox.

Key Topics Covered

  • Business as ‘un’usual – the new normal 
  • Self-discipline and working from home 
  • Remembering the lessons learnt in lockdown
  • Thinking about the future

Episode Eight

A quick conversation with…Sean and Karen Conley, Co-founders, Amazing Yoga

Sean and Karen Conley discuss the story of Amazing Yoga, how they had to rapidly pivot their business model and how they use what they teach to personally cope with the current pandemic.

Key Topics Covered

  • How businesses can become more relevant and reach a wider audience in a time of crisis 
  • Discovering ways to connect with both existing and new audiences 
  • Importance of incorporating lessons learnt in lockdown into an old business model 
  • The importance of being fluid and adaptable, both personally and professionally 

Episode Seven

A quick conversation with… Steve Gray, Director, SG-retail 

As retail businesses start reopening across the world our recent podcast with Steve Grey becomes very timely. Steve Grey, FCMG expert, who’s been a leading innovator in customer loyaltyCRM data analytics and personalisation in the retail sector.

Key Topics Covered

  • An overview of the retail sector – the rise and fall of brands
  • A closer look at loyalty programmes that have been rolled out across the globe 
  • How COVID-19is game changing and accelerating the transformation of the retail space 
  • What brands need to do in the new world we find ourselves in  
  • Tesco Club Card and the art of monetising data 

Episode Six

A quick conversation with… Suzan Sakarya, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Wandera

Data security has never been more important. And now that we are all working from home, this podcast provides insight into the types of risks businesses are exposed to without realising it, and what they can do about it. 

Key Topics Covered

  • How businesses need to ramp up the emphasis they put on securing the mobile  
  • Examples of how businesses are leaving themselves exposed to data risks
  • The due diligence and risks of working from home and using a mobile phone
  • A walk-through of the cyber security attacks and threats organisations need to be aware of

Episode Five

A quick conversation with… Darren Westall, CEO of Paiger

We spoke with Darren recently to discuss how, by striking a chord with marketing professionals everywhere, he is managing to keep Paiger growing despite the global pandemic by helping to bridge sales and marketing teams in a very exciting way.

Key Topics Covered

  • How Paiger sparked so much interest despite having zero budget for marketing
  • A look into the mindset of a start-up entrepreneur and the steps he had to go through
  • Why bridging sales and marketing teams is more important than ever
  • The importance of constant, incremental improvements to your feature stack
  • Why solving customer problems will always make you a valued partner

Episode Four

A quick conversation with… Jon Bailey, CEO, ProCo 

In our next instalment of our Art of Conversation Live podcast we talk to Jon Bailey, CEO of ProCo.

Key Topics Covered

  • Deep dive into the history of print marketing and its benefits 
  • Unravelling the myth;‘digital is cheap, therefore it’s better’  
  • Benefits of a digital first approach, that’s supported by a physical presence  
  • Why data is the biggest driver of getting it right
  • Misconceptions vs benefits of personalisation

Episode Three

A quick conversation with… Joachim de Wild, CEO, Simfony  

Our third Art of Conversation Live instalment focuses on all thing’s mobile connectivity, IoT, security and how to get past the learning curve, quicker, as we talk to Joachim de Wild, CEO of Simfony

Key Topics Covered

  • Why having mobile connectivity in place is more important than ever
  • 4Gand 5G: past, present and future 
  • The importance of understanding what technology your business needs and implementing it
  • Beingaware of the ‘learning curve’ and getting ahead of it 
  • Simplifying Security: hints and tips for anyone starting out on their security journey
  • The future of IoT

Episode Two

A quick conversation with… Rick Faubert, Partner, True search

Our second Art of Conversation Live podcast gives us first-hand insight into the world of recruitment and staffing right now, as we talk to Rick Faubert, Partner at Retained Executive Search company, True Search.  

Key Topics Covered

  • Conversationis king in the recruitment and staffing industry  
  • The importance of communication when learning and developing talent 
  • Getting the communication tools right for your audience and how this can impact recruitment 
  • Tips and tricksfor communicating during COVID-19 and what will be adopted as a result  
  • What should leaders be doing right now?

Episode One

A quick conversation with… Pete Hendrick, Managing Director,
Octopus Group

In our first Art of Conversation Live podcast Marketing Services Director, James Marscheider, talks to Pete Hendrick, Managing Director of Octopus Group, a leading marketing and advertising agency. 

Key Topics Covered

  • The importance of brand and getting board buy-in
  • The power of using your eco-system of partners
  • Knowing your business, customers and values
  • Brand survival during COVID-19 and beyond: hints and tips
  • Measuring success – getting the balance right