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Art of Conversation Roundtable Recap. Bullhorn EngageX 2020

I had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable, ‘Boosting Engagement with the Art of Conversation’, at EngageX 2020. Staffing Industry leaders joined me for a discussion centered on their experience utilizing different channels of communication. With new ways to communicate, our changing industry needs to consider our methods of training, management, and outreach.  

We are all on a constant journey to perfect the art of conversation with our customers and candidates. To further understand our changing industry, CloudCall conducted a survey in early 2020, prior to the global pandemic, to gage when, how and why professionals and managers prefer specific communication tactics. The research report: Perfecting the Art of Conversation  shaped our conversation at Bullhorn EngageX 

Candidate relationships through communication 

The most agreed upon point of our conversation was that candidates need choice. A successful relationship with your candidates does not just come from utilizing a combination of communication channels, but from asking directly how each person prefers to be communicated with; be that texting, calling, or email. There is not a “one type fits all” communication strategy. Some candidates prefer texting, and others stick to phone and email.  

An additional trend was that the initial conversation to build relationships occurs over the phone. LinkedIn and cold outreach via phone are two of the most common ways to create contact with a candidate. After relationships are formed, the continued maintenance of relationships as well as updates on jobs, interviews etc. often occur via text.  

Internal communication and home working 

As expected, the conversation moved towards what has changed during the pandemic – and the biggest divide was how internal communication has been affected with home working. The art of conversation for internal use can be thought of in two ways:  

  1. How we communicate with our teams 
  2. How we train our teams to communicate with prospects and candidates.  

For internal communication, there was a commonality that companies are utilizing collaboration tools such as Teams, Zoom, Slack, and others. Due to the changing workplace, video is now a standard in both internal and external communications. Many teams are utilizing video meetings for candidate interviews and informational gathering calls, as well as daily team meetings and many managers are utilizing video for all internal calls. When it comes to video calls with candidates, managers are not able to witness these calls to understand the success of new or existing relationships. 

During our roundtable discussion I heard a spectrum of how work from home has affected some organizations. One leader mentioned that their teams are communicating better than ever, due to an increased amount of scheduled video calls internally. While another said they are trying to get back into the office as soon as possible due to struggles to internally communicate and a lack of awareness of employee activity. There was a strong concern of missed opportunity for growth and ongoing coaching as many recruiters do not know when help is needed or feel comfortable asking for help remotely.  

Management insight for remote work 

This led into our discussion of how teams are training and having insight into behavior to coach on during remote work. While sitting in the office, management can overhear phone conversations and then coach on that activity simply from proximity to overhear – but that ability has been lost due to remote work. At CloudCall we are lucky enough to have a remote monitoring tool to mimic this in-person opportunity, but insight and visibility came up as a struggle for many leaders during this time.  

It was an exciting learning experience to be able to connect with leaders, to understand how they are navigating both the changing communications landscape, as well as how that landscape has been affected with the changes of the last few months. The CloudCall team welcomes the opportunity to continue to this discussion with any organization that is interested in expanding their channels of communication and capturing these conversations within their CRM/ATS.  

As I heard during my EngageX roundtable multiple times, “If it is not in Bullhorn, it didn’t happen”. Make each interaction happen with better, stronger, and documented conversations with CloudCallFind out how today!   

Check out our infographic here  for more interesting stats and facts to help you perfect the art of conversation with your candidates and clients.

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