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Automation for Voicemail – Save Time and Make More Connected Calls

By December 10, 2015Communications, Sales

Leaving an effective voicemail for a prospect isn’t always as simple as it seems. Last week, we shared hints and tips on how you can leave clearer and more concise voicemails, each and every time. However, in order to enhance this process further – can automation help to improve the voicemails that you leave, giving you and your teams more time to make more calls? You can with our voicemail drop feature.

With an average of 40%* of sales calls going through to voicemail, this suggests that your teams can spend a high proportion of their time leaving voicemail messages.

Leaving a message on the spot can sometimes mean that they can come across as rushed and the message that has been left isn’t always clear. This can have a knock-on effect on the targets that you need to achieve.

So how can voicemail drop automation help?

Our Voicemail Drop feature, for example, helps you automate the most important part of the voicemail process – leaving the voicemail message.  With Voicemail Drop you can pre-record up to 5 voicemail messages so that on reaching a voicemail, agents can select which voicemail to leave with the click of a button, leaving them free to move onto the next call.

The ability to pre-record messages means that not only can you ensure that all of the important points are portrayed in a clear and concise way; it also offers agents who work on multiple calling campaigns the flexibility of leaving voicemail messages that are tailored to the calls they are making.

Automatically ‘dropping a voicemail’ and moving on to your next call ensures that you are able to save time and make more calls. You are also creating a great first impression by leaving calm, concise messages on your customer and prospects’ answering machines, setting yourself apart from the competition.

We all need to make more calls to hit our targets. Find out how much time you could save with Voicemail Drop!

* based on CloudCall Sales team’s daily outbound call statistics.

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