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Automation in recruitment with Neville James

By November 11, 2021Technology
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Automation is a big trend in the recruitment industry right now. In fact, we’ve spoke about automation in recruitment quite a bit this year, in blogs and webinars 

Our Senior Sales Director, Neville James, recently sat down with UK Recruiter as part of their Recruitment Smarts Live series, to discuss all things automation and AI.  

Neville speaks about how advances in technology have paved the way for new ways of working and how automation and AI won’t stop growing within recruitment any time soon. 

We’ve taken out some of the best bits for you and dropped them below, cause we’re nice like that. So let’s take a look! 

What have been the major advances in automation within the recruitment industry over the last few years? 
Do you need to tell your applicants going through an automated process, such as direct routing, that it is happening? 
Can Voicemail Drop work for recruiters on the road, who only have mobile access? 
Is there a danger of overusing automation? And have you seen it happen before? 

Automating your processes will save you time, money and make your work life simpler. And you can find loads more about it on our blog

Why don’t you try it out for yourself? You can book in for a demo with a friendly member of our team here.  

You’ll have wished you’d done it sooner! 

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