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Automation and People – Working Together?

There has always been a belief that if you work better, you’ll get more time and have a more productive day. In fact, there are a lot of tips and tricks offered by many sites, experts and businesses that can help you get the most out of your day. But what if it’s not about the things that you do, but the tools that you use that can help?

Sure, you can make your to-do-lists, take some breaks, schedule well and manage your time wisely – I’m not denying that assigning your time well can indeed help you become more productive; I just believe that it’s the tools that you use that can enable you to do so, more effectively.

For the last few weeks, we’ve discussed the role that automation plays in a business. For us, it is becoming clear that automation will play a significant role in the ways that companies and people conduct business over the next few years – in fact, we can argue that it already plays a significant role now.

People and Automation Together?

Our Voicemail Drop feature, for example, allows people to leave pre-recorded messages when they reach a voicemail. Yes – this is a partly automated process, as they can leave a message with ONE click of a button. However, the message had already been pre-recorded by the caller – so the whole process will take a second, if that. Not only are you saving time, but the pre-recorded message still has that personalised feel – one that automation and machines would not be able to replicate.

Although some companies are making great strides in enabling their software to help businesses provide a more personalised service, there is still a gap that automation can’t quite fill. Automation can’t convey emotion or intent.  In this case, it’s being human that is the difference between success and failure. People are drawn to content and activities that are personalised to them and engages them – in fact, 74% of online consumers get frustrated when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests (Janrain & Harris Interactive).

Whilst automation and data tools can help to compile the necessary information and monitor users’ activities, which can help in putting together personalised messages; in the end, it is down to the person to create content that people can engage with.

What these automation tools can do, are to help us become more productive. They make it easier for us to be aware of a business and its needs so that we can make sure that the messages that they receive from us are personal. Instead of us sorting through the data and guessing their activities, automation can do this at a quicker speed.

This is more productive for us as it ensures that we are spending more time building relationships, benefiting businesses in the long run. So maybe it’s time to start working together more?

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