Birmingham Community Group: Bringing Salesforce Admins Together

Birmingham Community Group: Bringing together Salesforce Admins

Organized by Purus Consultants – Salesforce Consultants and Certified Salesforce Partners, the Birmingham Community Group Meeting on June 27th enabled Salesforce users to gather and learn more about how the world of Salesforce can empower their business. 

Tom WorthingtonTom RyanJo YoungKeegan Stanton and Ben Banks shared their top tips and tricks.  In case you missed it, here are the main takeaways from the five speakers: 

Salesforce for Non-profits with Tom Worthington 

Tom is a Salesforce Admin working for Southco, a company with a focus on giving back to their community. Southco is passionate about supporting the local community and has been working with the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust. They increase awareness of early childhood cancer symptoms by sending out marketing packs and help families spot the early signs, contributing towards early diagnoses and faster recovery.  

Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust has a vast number of volunteers continuing to raise funds for the charity and a growing number of recipients, but this data has been compiled within spreadsheets over time. With the charity gaining so much support and growing so quickly, Southco felt that they could help to enhance these processes by giving back their time and expertise.    

By implementing Salesforce, the Trust will be able to track data all in one place. Salesforce offers non-profits 10 free Salesforce licenses and a reduced cost in licenses after the first 10, which means no cost for Tom to set up and transform this local charity.  

Pardot Features You Need To Be Aware Of with Tom Ryan, MarCloud Consulting 

Founder of MarCloud Consulting, Tom Ryan, reveals his tips to help businesses utilize the best features of Pardot. Here are three strategic steps he recommended a business should follow when utilizing Pardot:  

  1. Insights: Figure out what leads are doing in the marketing cycle, where they came from, and prioritize the hottest leads.  
  2. Automated Marketing: Create nurture campaigns (within Pardot’s Engagement Studio) to automatically push a lead towards a new piece of marketing content based on previous activity. 
  3. Reporting: Analyze leads, budget, and ROI through the Pardot reporting suite.  

myTrailhead with Jo Young  

myTrailhead was released earlier in 2019 and allows customers to purchase their own licenses to create customized training content in Trailhead. Jo Young, Stimulus Consulting Director, informed users about the new product features, which can be used to push training modules to new team members. 

Jo advised users to create an online content plan to map out training courses, modules, and units. Planning is key to producing a successful training Trail. Additionally, there are hundreds of badges to reward trainees with (or businesses can design their own).   

Increasing User Adoption with Keegan Stanton and Ben Banks, CloudCall  

After rolling out Salesforce, businesses can find user adoption to be challenging. Despite supporting the rollout with training and guidance on the new system, there may be instances where users are not using Salesforce in the way the business intended.  

Customer service agents with mounting workloads may struggle to capture crucial details as they are busy taking call after call. Field sales agents working remotely are often away from the office for long periods of time so have less opportunity to raise their difficulties when using the system. Keegan Stanton, Partner Marketing Manager, and Ben Banks, Pre-Sales Engineer, at CloudCall emphasized that if crucial information is not logged in the CRM then Salesforce will only give a partial report of what is happening.  

The pair indicated that the solution is to look to AppExchange for add-ons which will help to empower users when working inside Salesforce. Giving users the tools to simplify their workflows while increasing efficiency will help them adapt to the system and deliver ROI back into the business.

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