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Boost reach and response rates with Broadcast SMS in Salesforce

Ta-da! We’ve got a brand-new feature to add to our list for CloudCall for Salesforce users. Welcome to Broadcast Messaging.

With CloudCall Broadcast SMS for Salesforce, users will be able to contact multiple people at once, by sending each a tailored text message.

All messages sent and received will be captured and saved in the contact’s activity history within Salesforce.

No matter what your industry is, Broadcast Messaging has the power to transform your normal working day.

Let’s break it down for you:


Sales agents can reach out to multiple prospects at once. Whether it’s inviting contacts to an event, meeting or sharing information about services – Broadcast Messaging can help you do it all.

If you have updates to a product or service, you can use a text as a quick way to promote these updates with multiple contacts, without having to trawl through your contact list, calling people one by one. We know you love saving time.


Marketing teams can use the new broadcast SMS feature as a cost-effective way of communicating prospects about promotions and offers. Prospects then have the option to opt-out if they wish.

For a marketing team who use Salesforce campaigns to track things such as event attendance, you will be able to compose and send out event messages to all members of the campaign, quickly and effectively.

Customer Service

If you are part of a customer service team using Salesforce, you can now use Broadcast Messaging to reach out to multiple customers at the same time. You can inform your customers about:

  • Issues, outages and fixes within the service
  • Promote new products and services
  • Share good news or updates

By keeping your customers informed, it could lower the number of requests that come into your customer service team, helping to meet and manage customers’ expectations. All this whilst also cutting costs!

CloudCall for Salesforce Broadcast Messaging provides you with a cost-effective way of sharing key messages with multiple contacts at the same time. This ensures that important messages are being seen by more people and therefore more businesses.

Your business can now reach more prospects and customers faster via text than you can on the phone, with all sent and received texts being captured and saved within the contact’s record in Salesforce.

Sound too good to be true? Why not take a look for yourself.

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