Broadcast Messaging Has the Power to Transform Sales

Broadcast messaging has the power to transform sales. Are you using it to its full potential?

Broadcast messaging, also known as bulk SMS or mass messaging is a great way to communicate with prospective customers or clients and has the power to transform sales. Whether you’re alerting customers to an update or looking to promote your latest offer, broadcast messaging ensures your message makes it to your audience and doesn’t get lost among the spam of the email inbox.

Various reports estimate that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, while response rates can reach up to 45% – this is significantly higher than the figures for email messages.

Broadcast messaging is a feature which allows the user to send SMS or text messages to a large number of recipients at one time. CloudCall’s feature allows you to create a list of CRM contacts and send out your message, delivered straight to your contact’s mobile phone. Because recipients are more responsive to text messages, this can be used anytime you need to communicate something that you would like a high open and response rate for.

As well as promotional offers or sale alerts, broadcast messaging has a wide range of business uses including:

  • Thank you messages
  • Job opportunity alerts
  • Feedback requests
  • Survey links
  • Emergency updates
  • Reminders
  • Interview confirmations
  • App download links
  • Collecting payments

Take a look at our 5 tips for great Broadcast Messaging:

Broadcast Messaging has the potential to save enormous amounts of time when communicating with your contacts. The value this brings to any business can be huge. Apply our tips and its transformational potential can be delivered.

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