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Call Recordings for Sales Coaching

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Professional athletes utilize replays to identify strengths. This concept is designed to help players constantly improve. Why not bring this process from the field to the sales floor? 

Make the right investment in your sales team by using call recordings for coaching best practices and sales tactics. In addition to training new reps, this tool can also sharpen the skills of top-performers. Even the best can get better. 

Listen to call recordings to address weaknesses and give constructive feedback. Don’t just highlight the negative – use call recordings to put the spotlight on great calls to encourage constant improvement. This is also a great way to practice active listening. Re-listening to the call provides an opportunity to understand the cadence of conversation.   

How to use call recordings for sales coaching: 

Address Problems 

Pull specific examples from calls to help new reps with problem-solving. Using real life scenarios to explain what action to take during a conversation can help new hires build their skill set. Show examples of both successful calls and interactions that require improvement.

Stay Accountable

Enhance the customer experience by using call recordings for quality purposes. When necessary, sales reps can easily reference information via call recordings, becoming a tool to improve interactions. Adding a layer of accountability ensures that each and every conversation is high quality.  

Improve Onboarding

Create, if there is not already, a database or central hub where the call recordings are available for new and current employees to use for training – whenever they need it. Onboarding doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. Expedite time-to-value for new hires by making the training process easier with learning resources. With better training in place, employees can move to full productivity faster.  


Gain insights into your teams’ sales strategy through call recordings. In addition to listening and giving feedback, have greater visibility into the successful strategy that your senior sales team is using to close deals.    

Tips and Tricks – Example Questions to Use for Training with Call Recordings: 
  1. How does my team overcome objections? 
  2. Does my team break down pain points? 
  3. Is the messaging concise and effectively proving value?
  4. Do team members actively listen?
  5. Are individuals on track with sales objectives? 

Looking for a missing detail or trying to recall a previous discussion? Easily access and analyze your team’s conversations to capitalize on their value.

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