How Can Your Growing Business Maintain Customer Satisfaction?

How Can Your Business Maintain Customer Satisfaction As It Grows?

As a business, you know that it’s essential to communicate with your customers through a variety of channels; through phone, email, website form requests and social media. But even with these various channels, 46% of customers still prefer to communicate via the telephone, according to a report conducted by Vodafone. With this in mind, how can you ensure that you are doing enough to meet your customers’ needs when they contact your business?

Top Tips to Guarantee a Positive Customer Experience

Meet – or even better, exceed – your customers’ expectations.

This sounds simple enough but according to a study by the MIT Sloan Management Review, customer expectations consist of three levels: ‘Desired’, ‘Sufficient’ and ‘Unsatisfactory’. To stop your customers from reaching that ‘Unsatisfactory’ level, the key is to continuously monitor and understand your customer expectations, as it is only by doing so, that you will be able to effectively manage them.

Give customers a choice on how they communicate

As customers, we all like to have a choice in how we communicate. Being able to respond using your customers’ preferred channel is crucial to maintaining their satisfaction with your business.

Provide a timely response

In today’s fast paced world, none of us like to wait and what’s more, it has been suggested that customer expectations also vary, depending on the channel that they use to communicate with a business. For example, if your customers interact with you via Twitter, 53% would expect a response within the hour. The longer this interaction takes, or if it takes multiple interactions to resolve your customers’ queries, they may lose patience and their satisfaction could diminish.

Personalise communications 

Most customers still want a personalised telephone call, email or tweet – and the integration of telephony, CRM and marketing automation systems make it easier than ever to add a personal touch to your customer communications.

One final point that you need to consider…

Are your current systems and processes capable of maintaining customer satisfaction as you grow and expand?

Imagine this… Your Sales team is pushing hard to achieve new business and smash targets that have been set. Your Marketing team is sending out campaigns to raise awareness of your product/service. The phone is ringing off the hook. BUT… You only have one person that handles these incoming calls. Before you know it, your business has a queue of callers waiting, listening to a continuous ringing tone, or worse – the engaged tone!

Now imagine a world where your phone system knows when an agent is free. Where you can see in real-time how many customers are on the phone and how many are waiting to be connected. That allows you to record and monitor calls so that you can ensure the quality of service and can integrate with your CRM system to guarantee a personalised service. – That’s got to be a better customer experience. 

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