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CRM integrations for customer service: The ultimate guide

By | Customer Service, Product
Great customer service is critical to your business’s success.  If you’re lacking high quality customer service, then your customers won’t want to provide repeat business, refer their friends, or give good reviews.

But how can you make sure your team is giving out the correct information to customers? And how to you know if inbound calls are being answered quickly enough?

Manual monitoring or asking your team to self-assess performance is inefficient. An easier way to ensure your Customer Service Team are performing productively, is to invest in a CRM integration.

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Maintaining customer service during holiday season

By | Customer Service

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be a challenging time for businesses. Customers are more likely to contact customer service over queries such as delivery or collection of orders, product availability, etc… For Technical Support teams, however, it may actually mean a drop in the number of inbound calls. But, they also have to manage staff taking holiday and working on a reduced schedule. Sustaining high levels of customer service during this time can actually give businesses the chance to shine. Do well and you’ll build up customer loyalty that will last them throughout the coming year.

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