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Boost reach and response rates with Broadcast SMS in Salesforce

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Ta-da! We’ve got a brand-new feature to add to our list for CloudCall for Salesforce users. Welcome to Broadcast Messaging.

With CloudCall Broadcast SMS for Salesforce, users will be able to contact multiple people at once, by sending each a tailored text message.

All messages sent and received will be captured and saved in the contact’s activity history within Salesforce. Read More

Motivate your sales team with analytics

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Ensuring productivity can be hard, but especially so if your team is working remotely. CloudCall has some amazing features (if we do say so ourselves), that help you to motivate your sales team.

Using call analytics will help you to track the productivity of your agents, use insights to improve call quality and assist you in creating individual goals and KPI’s for your sales team.

Sales teams are an essential part of your business, so why not use your agent’s day-to-day calls to enhance and increase your sales? We do! Read More

female using sales tools

Essential sales tools for your team

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Succeeding in sales, no matter what you’re selling, is not as easy as people think. In addition to needing empathy, grit, and drive, you also need to know your potential and existing customers well enough to be give them exactly what they need, at any given time.

Sales team members that take advantage of technology have a much better chance of closing deals than those who don’t. But what technology are we talking about exactly?

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