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Challenges recruiters face at Christmas

By December 16, 2020Recruitment
Challenges recruiters face at christmas

The end of the year is coming, and with that also comes new challenges are businesses begin to slow down (or completely shut down) for the Christmas period.

This year has been significantly better that the last. But there’s still a higher chance that fewer clients are going to be interested in filling roles. And candidates may still be a little less responsive.

But don’t lose hope – the issues you usually face over the holidays could actually be easier to overcome this year!

One of the challenges recruiters face at Christmas, is not being able to contact people on annual leave. Emails get lost, calls get ignored… all resulting in a spot of festive ghosting. Luckily this year, with clients and candidates being more connected than ever (and with less holidays to go on) it may be easier to make contact than usual.

Gone are the days of being stuck in the office trying to catch candidates on their lunch breaks or after work. Thanks to a huge increase in remote working, both you and your candidates have more flexibility. It’s much easier to make contact and for candidates to take calls whilst working from home. Even interviews are easier as so many are now done online.

The likelihood is, though, that you’ll still come across some candidates that are harder to get hold of. So, here’s what we suggest…..

Try multiple platforms

When you get unresponsive clients and candidates over the Christmas period it may seem like all hope is lost…but it isn’t! Did you know that 87% of candidates want the right channel of communication at the right time? 41% will engage with their recruiter if a call is followed up by a text message too!

You can try reaching your customers on a variety of channels, including email, text, and phone. Broadcast messaging and voicemail drops can make contacting your candidates this Christmas even easier.

However, make sure you strike a perfect balance between perseverance and spam – you don’t want your candidates and clients to feel like you’re hassling them. Personalizing each message can go a long way and gain you some customer service brownie points. It shows you are attentive, personable, and may result in a boost in your customers satisfaction.

No time like the present

It can be difficult when candidates and clients alike want to delay the process of recruitment until January. So, kick-start your 2022 by advertising your candidates now. Let your clients know which candidates are ready and rearing to go ASAP. Remember that organization and communication are key to effectively reconnecting with people in the new year. Gosh, that was a mouthful!

Anticipating the challenges recruiters face at Christmas will allow you to better prepare for them and face them head on. The holidays can be seen as an easy time to be less active, but if you use this time productively, you can strengthen relationships and get a head start on the competition as you head into 2022.

For more festive recruitment and communication tips, head on over to our blog.

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