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CloudCall 2015 – The Year That Was

By December 17, 2015News

This has been another, remarkably busy year at SYNETY. Building on the changes from last year, our focus was on strengthening our CloudCall solution, developing new integrations with partners and enhancing our Company infrastructures and capabilities.

Introducing CloudCall

One of the year’s highlights was the unification of our three product offerings – CloudCall Click, CloudCall Enterprise and CloudCall Contact Centre – into CloudCall. These were originally created to fulfil separate business telephony needs but with CloudCall, we now more seamlessly integrate two disparate technologies, real-time communications and cloud-based CRM systems. Whilst a number of leading industry competitors have had decades to build upon their products and services, we have produced an offering that rival these in four short years, using our core architecture and development methods. We are on our way to realising our ambition for CloudCall – to become a centralised communications hub that connects the world’s business information systems.

The move to CloudCall also prompted a complete makeover of our website and branding, to highlight our new CloudCall solution.

Strengthening CloudCall

Throughout the year, we developed a number of key features for our CloudCall solution, with the focus on boosting the productivity of our customers’ businesses.

This began with the development of CloudCall Chrome. With our Chrome extension, businesses are no longer restricted to making calls from within their CRM systems. The functionality enables them to make calls anywhere on the Web, while retaining the ability to record and categorise calls, take call notes and receive screen pop-up alerts on all inbound calls. CloudCall Chrome has expanded the reach of CloudCall beyond the CRM, enabling businesses to use CloudCall anywhere on the Web.

This was followed by the development of new features to enhance inbound and outbound calling. The Queue Callback feature helps businesses with a high volume of inbound calls to improve their customers’ experience, whilst our Voicemail Drop feature is aimed at boosting efficiency for businesses who make a high volume of outbound calls. CloudCall Local Presence gives businesses the ability to dynamically display a number (CLI) to appear more local to their customers, giving them the opportunity to have more conversations with their customers.

We understand that there has been a growing demand for more personalised reporting and with Custom Dashboards, businesses can now take advantage of enhanced analytics capability to gain better business insights based on specific criteria and KPI’s.

Building Relationships with Our Partners

This has been a significant year for building relationships with new partners and enhancing relationships with our existing partners. In October, we announced the integration of CloudCall with Salesforce’s help desk software, This was our first help desk integration and will assist businesses in better managing their support cases and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Throughout the year, we also completed integrations with Jobscience, Zoho CRM, Talent Rover, Bond Adapt and RBD ProNet. These integrations continue to address the various needs of many businesses to effectively manage their customer communications.

To continue building our relationships with our partners and for the opportunity to speak to their customers face-to-face, we joined our partners at various events throughout the year including Dreamforce and were a Gold Partner of Salesforce World Tours in London, Boston and New York. We were also Keynote Sponsors of Bullhorn’s Engage 2015 in Boston and were Gold Sponsors at Bullhorn Live London, as well as exhibiting at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Event.

Growth of Our Company

During the past year, we have seen a rise in the on-boarding of new US customers and many larger sized businesses across the US and UK. To help cope with this and to ensure that we are on-hand to assist businesses in successfully selecting and implementing our new CloudCall solution, we appointed a new role of Head of Service Delivery. To cater for the growing demand for CloudCall in the US, we expanded our sales and support teams in Boston, to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to all of our North and South American based customers and prospects. The expansion of our US team in Boston prompted relocation to a new office premises at 320 Congress Street, Boston.

In the UK, our Sales, Implementation and Support teams continue to grow, in order to cater to and support the growing demand for CloudCall by larger businesses.

The Year Ahead

Whilst we are delighted with our continued success in 2015, we are looking forward to seeing what 2016 holds. Software as a Service (SaaS) will be dominating the CRM market with more apps and integrations moving to the cloud. The number of businesses investing in SaaS is likely to soar in 2016. We look forward to continuing to be a reliable SaaS provider to the CRM market.

To all of our customers and partners, we thank you for your continued support. We look forward to another exciting and successful year in 2016.

Simon Cleaver

Executive Chairman

Ben Blance

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