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CloudCall at Bullhorn Engage 2017

The CloudCall Team had an amazing time at Bullhorn Engage 2017 last week! Every year Engage surpasses itself, with the speakers, sessions and attendees.

Industry leaders came together to connect and learn, while exploring the possibilities of the remarkable staffing industry. Our team engaged with customers, partners, staffing leaders while expanding our knowledge of recruitment and industry needs.

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Every year, Bullhorn brings remarkably innovative and inspiring speakers to Engage.

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Steven Levitt, Worldwide Best-Selling Author, made us think about the power of “little, weird ideas” and the importance of our data.    “The data know more than people. Real leaders find ways to ask questions of their data,”

Art Papas, CEO & Founder Bullhorn, created an interactive experience as he walked us through the ever changing staffing industry.

General Ann E. Dunwoody, inspired us all to believe in what you do, and understand the power of believing in yourself.

Tim Sanders, NYT Best-Selling Author, helped us to understand the value in networking, to grow relationships, show compassion, and gain knowledge through the people you meet.

This year, our team was involved in the Lunch and Learn round tables on Thursday. Our US Sales Manager lead a discussion called, “Why don’t they pick up the phone?” a discussion around enabling the current workforce to have more meaningful conversations.

“The round table afforded me the opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders about the misconception that millennials have a phobia of picking up the phone. Leaders are leaning towards the cultivation of accountability through process development, collaboration & employee education to increase the number of quality conversations.” – John MacVarish, US Sales Manager CloudCall

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VIP Lounge
The CloudCall VIP Experience brought together industry thought leaders with a Lounge and VIP access to speakers and meet & greets. Thank you to all were involved and took part!



Thursday night was the Taste of Boston Party. We joined industry professionals to mingle, enjoy and let loose. The wonderful Bullhorn Band – Stampede, made up of Bullhorn’s leadership team performed a fantastic set; and celebrated their partnerships through guest performers, including our own Partner Marketing Manager, Hope!

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Thank you to Bullhorn for putting together such a memorable event, and to everyone who joined us.

Can’t wait until Engage 2018!

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