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CloudCall at Recruitment Agency Expo 2022

By February 11, 2022News
CloudCall at Recruitment Agency Expo 2022

We’ve had a great time this week at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2022. It was great to chat to our partners and listening to experts from the recruitment technology industry!

We had a full house for our talk ‘How to create a flawless candidate experience’ *humble brag*. Shout out to our hosts, CloudCall’s own Neville James, Senior Sales Director and Jason Lawson, Senior Partnerships Director.

Now in its tenth year, the Recruitment Agency Expo is the UK’s leading exhibition and conference for recruitment leaders and was held at London Olympia on 8th and 9th February 2022.

And don’t worry if you missed out! You can take a look below for more info about our talk. Plus some expert insights from the chats we had with our partners at Bullhorn, Vincere and Mercury.

“It’s just great to be back at RecExpo!”, says Simon Cleaver, CEO at CloudCall. Watch the full video:

“There are currently 1.2 million current vacancies in the UK, the highest number in history.” Neville James says, at our talk ‘How to create a flawless candidate experience’. “Consultants need to look at themselves, their work, what they are doing and see how that compares to the competition.”

“They need to ask themselves: ‘What can I do, to make that difference? To be that stand-out recruiter and provide the best possible experience for my candidates?’”

“Things have changed. You can’t show candidates a flashy office or take them out for a coffee. It’s an even playing field right now for recruiters in a remote world.”

“Team leaders need to treat their consultants well enough, so they want to stay, to support them, engage with their work and reward them. A CRM integration enables them to do just that. With Dashboards you can see who is performing well. And from there you can listen to Call Recordings, to see what those star recruiters are saying that attracts and engages with candidates so well.”

“Creating a flawless candidate experience is key right now, to filling those 1.2 million roles, and ensuring your Recruitment Team, comes out on top.”

We caught up with Daniel Fox, Marketing Manager at Mercury about his recruitment agency predications for 2022:
We spoke to Joshua Pines, VP International Alliances at Bullhorn about candidate engagement:
We had a quick chat with our partners at Vincere: Doug Rowley, Pay & Bill Engagement Manager and Matt Donnelly, Head of Customer Success:

If you couldn’t make it to RecExpo to visit us at our purple stand, you can grab a quick chat and a virtual coffee with a friendly member of our team here.

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