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A Look Back on CloudCall’s Charity Work

By December 18, 2018News

With 2019 swiftly approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to reflect on past work and the best parts of life at CloudCall.

A highlight for many employees, across our multiple offices, are the charity fundraisers and volunteer days we take part in throughout the year. Taking time away from the desk to help those in need and make a positive impact on the local community is rewarding for us all.

Helping local schools

At our head office in Leicester, employees volunteer on a weekly basis with Leicestershire Cares to help children learn to read and use numbers. This means every child can look forward to over an hour of one-to-one help every single week. We also help students with interview techniques: Richard Burley, a Developer at CloudCall said:

‘Working with charity through CloudCall gets you out the office and into the community. It’s my chance to give something back. A highlight for me was helping students with interview techniques. I actually went back to my old college and it was amazing to think that I was sat in the same seat as them 10 years ago. Now I’m the opposite side of the table and I can help them.’


Giving back at Christmas

Christmas is always a really important time to give something back and help those in need. This is why CloudCall launched its charity fundraiser campaign, 30mins for 30 in December.

In our offices, employees support charities by donating gifts to local children’s homes, raising money for Loros hospice and donating essentials to the homeless.

Donating gifts to children is particularly special in the Leicester office, with several of our team dressing up as Santa and his helpers to deliver presents in person.

Jason Kendall, CloudCall’s CTO and Co-Founder leads the way by taking the role of Santa every year.

‘Seeing the look on the children’s’ faces when they see Santa is so special and moving. Many of them come from some very difficult situations and to bring them happiness and excitement at Christmas is the best feeling in the world.’

Cleaning up the environment and local area

Our Boston office has been advocating for responsible stewardship of land and natural resources. By volunteering our staff to help the removal of an invasive plant from an ecologically critical area, CloudCall’s Boston office was able to have a tangible impact on a small island near Boston’s coast. 

Often, large removal projects of invasive plants can be delayed from a lack of resources. Seeing this problem, CloudCall’s entire Boston office took the time to visit Lovell’s Island to remove the plants sustainably, without damaging the ecosystem of the native plants. Our team continues to monitor the island for new germinations of invasive species.

By coming together, we can better understand this problem and make a real difference. This is just one of the projects the US CloudCall team has undertaken, and we look forward to even bigger projects in the future!

If you would like to help CloudCall raise money for charity at the end of the year, take a look at our 30mins for 30 campaign here.

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