CloudCall commits to carbon neutral

In December 2020, CloudCall was awarded the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark, recognising it as a company that makes over 50% of its total revenue from environmentally positive goods, services and products.

In the same period, CloudCall also achieved a Carbon Footprint Standard at the ‘Assessed Organisation’ level. Working with an internationally recognised organisation such as Carbon Footprint has allowed the business to better understand its impact on the environment and formulate plans to become carbon neutral. It also provides customers with confidence that an internationally approved process has been followed and verified against.

CloudCall continues to drive changes to further reduce its carbon footprint and has set up an internal Environment Committee. The Committee meets regularly to discuss the company’s impact on the planet, how they can reduce emissions and what employees can do to be greener.

CloudCall CEO, Simon Cleaver said: “We now have the Green Economy Mark and the Carbon Footprint Standard, proving that we’re taking our mission to become ‘Carbon Neutral’ very seriously. We will continue our journey to greater sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint through further initiatives benefits and subsidies for our employees, ensuring an even greater positive effect on our carbon footprint. We are also developing and implementing our carbon and sustainability targets, to make sure we see improvements in 2022.”