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CloudCall for Access Recruitment CRM: the perfect match

We’ve got some news…CloudCall has a brand-new integration with Access Recruitment CRM.

The new integration will combine the power of Access Recruitment CRM with the innovative features of CloudCall’s telephony integration, to deliver the perfect match for its users in 2021.

Access Recruitment CRM is a central recruitment client and candidate relationship database to manage assignments, contacts and clients and allows users to quickly match the right candidate to each brief.

Innovative features

The integration, which is the only telephony integration on the market for Access Recruitment CRM, features a plethora of features to boost productivity for its users, whether they are making phone calls, searching for a contact’s CRM records, or training their recruitment team.

Single click dialling, Screen Pops for incoming calls and Call Recording make communications with candidates a breeze. The Supervisor Panel, equipped with the Monitor, Whisper and Barge functions allow supervisors to train their team efficiently whilst working remotely.

Tools such as SMS, CloudCall Go! Mobile app and Local Presence allow recruiters to boost reach and response rates, no matter where their mobile office may be.

Key benefits

Boost productivity: Users will be able to make calls directly from Access Recruitment CRM. Recruiters will see their daily processes streamlined and accessible all from a single program (the CRM).

Increase efficiency: Gone are the days of manually leaving voicemail after voicemail. Users can pre-record messages that can be left with the click of a button, improving efficiency and reducing burnout.

Reach more contacts, quicker: Combining phone calls, voicemails and SMS allows recruiters to contact candidates and clients on more channels. One-to-one text messages allow users to connect with candidates to promote roles quickly and easily.

Capture every interaction: Real-time call notes and recordings ensure that all valuable information is captured and then synced back to Access Recruitment CRM. All communications including calls and SMS conversations are recorded there and calls can be played back on the contact’s CRM record.

What makes CloudCall so special?

CloudCall is the only telephony provider with an integration for Access Recruitment CRM. The ability to add and access call controls and messaging capabilities, whilst recruiters are in the CRM, makes work more efficient, as users can initiate communications directly from the CRM.

Integrated SMS capabilities allow users to reach more people quickly and easily. Having templates in place provides another way for users to work more productively, alerting multiple clients to a top candidate fast, reducing time to hire and beating the competition.

Don’t forget compliance! The call recording feature captures all calls between recruiters, candidates and clients, ensuring that any agreements (or issues) are captured and saved in the CRM records for future use.

Interested in learning more? You can find out a bit more by watching back our webinar with Access Recruitment CRM, where we discuss the integration, here.

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