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CloudCall for ActiveCampaign; supercharging your communications

By February 9, 2022News, Product
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Hey friends, we’ve got some news for you. Yep, you guessed it, we have our first integration of 2022 and it’s for ActiveCampaign. That’s right! CloudCall for ActiveCampaign is now LIVE! *crowd cheers*

Here’s our one-stop-shop for everything about our brand-new CloudCall for ActiveCampaign integration. Here you will find out how it will supercharge your processes, how it works and what the benefits are for our users.

We’ve spoken to the expert for all things ActiveCampaign at CloudCall; Product Manager Emma Buckingham. We asked Emma a few questions about the integration and how it will transform the work lives of its users.

So Emma, how will the integration assist users?

How won’t it assist users, more like!

Our ActiveCampaign CRM integration empowers your communications and takes them to the next level, enabling you to provide the best experience for your customers, every time.

With CloudCall joining the list of leading ActiveCampaign integrations, users will be able to:
  • Increase productivity with streamlined processes
  • Reach contacts on more channels with innovative functionality
  • Improve customer satisfaction with all info readily available
  • Reduce spend, as our integration will save you time and money

With CloudCall for ActiveCampaign, you’ll never lose track of a conversation again.

So how does it work?

Our integration with ActiveCampaign provides a unique and seamless experience for each user.

CloudCall for ActiveCampaign adds telephony functionality directly into the CRM enabling users to work smarter, not harder.

Our innovative features allow you to make calls directly from ActiveCampaign and offer a range of ways to enhance your communications. These features boost efficiency and productivity whilst providing your business with a 360° view of all communications with each and every contact.

With CloudCall for ActiveCampaign, you’ll be gaining:
  • Better insight on how your team is performing
  • More engagement and increased response rates
  • Better remote onboarding and training

How will the integration benefit its users?

CloudCall’s innovative features enable ActiveCampaign CRM users to interact with their contacts on many channels, safe in the knowledge that everything is captured and saved into the CRM record.

CloudCall for ActiveCampaign users can call a contact, leave pre-recorded voicemails and record all their calls, with every interaction saved into the CRM record for that contact. Colleagues can quickly and easily access call history of any contact with the CRM.

Users can send a single SMS to a contact, starting a 121-text conversation which is saved back into ActiveCampaign. Alternatively, users can send messages to multiple contacts at once with Broadcast SMS, boosting reach and response rates.

All call controls are easily accessible from within the CloudCall interface. There’s no need to navigate away from ActiveCampaign, as CloudCall is available from within it.

How will the integration will improve my workflows?

CloudCall for ActiveCampaign was built with you, the user, in mind. We designed it around usability and improving productivity, helping you to get the most out of ActiveCampaign and ensures every interaction is captured in the CRM enabling you to spend less time on repetitive tasks.

We also built it to ensure you are able to provide top quality customer service with every single interaction.

Each time you communicate with a customer, you are safe in the knowledge that CloudCall has all the information you need readily available, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in conversations and provide exceptional customer service.

There are tonnes of ways our integration will save you time every single day. Here’s some of our favorites:


Simply click on a contact’s phone number within ActiveCampaign (or anywhere on your browser for that matter) to give them a call. Click-to-Dial saves you time, energy from manually inputting each number and removes the risk of calling a wrong number.

Inbound Screen Pops

When a contact gives you a call, CloudCall for ActiveCampaign users will get an on-screen notification with a link to that caller’s record within ActiveCampaign. This provides users with all the information they need from a contact almost instantly, allowing you to personalize your communications.

Call Recording

Create a library of Call Recordings to help resolve issues, monitor performance and teach a best practice approach to new hires. It’s also great to let you fully be within each call, without having to focus on taking notes. P.S., it’s good for GDPR compliance by providing a clear audit trail of consent.

Want to know more?

Book in for a quick demo today to see how CloudCall can simplify your processes.

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