Huffmaster Increases Recruiter Outreach by Over 150%.

As the nation’s first single-source strike services agency, Huffmaster has earned its reputation on the front lines of some of the nation’s most difficult and high-profile labor disputes since 1963. Based out of Clawson, Michigan, Huffmaster assists with all aspects of workforce management, including contingency planning, replacement personnel and security.

Huffmaster uses the latest technology to consistently provide superior recruitment services nationally. Huffmaster phased out its previous Applicant Tracking System (ATS) upgrading to the robust platform of Bullhorn with CloudCall integration.

Upgrading their technology gave Huffmaster’s recruiters the tools they need to serve customers and candidates more efficiently. It wasn’t until after the Bullhorn and CloudCall solutions were fully implemented that the true return on investment came to fruition.

Challenge: Huffmaster wanted to increase accountability and enhance reporting

Unfortunately, Huffmaster didn’t have the capabilities necessary to hold their recruiters accountable for what they said to customers and candidates. If certain promises were made and disputed, there was no way to confirm the conversation details. Huffmaster needed a solution that included Call Recordings to hold more accountability across the company. Huffmaster also lacked the reporting and performance tracking necessary for their recruiters. They required technology that would give them greater visibility into workflows, so they could react and improve accordingly.

Other challenges they faced included manually dialing their contacts and leaving voicemails one at a time. These previous methods were simply not fast enough.

Results: A seamless unified communication solution, powered by CloudCall

Huffmaster upgraded from their previous phone platform to CloudCall. With this integrated CRM solution, Huffmaster has been able to increase mobility, accountability, and insight. Many of Huffmaster’s full-time staff work from home, CloudCall’s mobile application, CloudCall Go!, allows people to take calls after hours utilizing the company phone system without giving out their personal number. This keeps the conversation data within your Bullhorn CRM – allowing Huffmaster to gain insight from it.

Huffmaster uses Call Recordings via CloudCall to reference previous conversations. As a result, nothing on the record is disputed – which makes holding recruiters accountable as easy as pressing “play” on the recording.

With CloudCall’s analytics, Huffmaster can see who is picking up the phone, how many calls are made, the duration of each call, and more. Any team member, including temporary workers, are held accountable to meeting metrics such as number of outbound calls per day.

After an incredibly smooth implementation, the team started using their phones effortlessly, giving everyone confidence that Huffmaster partnered with the right solution.

Switching over to CloudCall has given us more insight and given us the ability to better manage our people

Kevin McNally, Director of IT at Huffmaster

Results: Greater mobility for recruiters on the go, and an astronomical increase in productivity

Moving to CloudCall has given Huffmaster’s recruiters the freedom to recruit on the go, whether at home, in the car, or in the office. Kevin McNally, Director of IT at Huffmaster, says that CloudCall unified communications increased their recruiters’ ability to reach out to people by at least 150%.

By providing replacement personnel quickly during a strike, Huffmaster’s clients can continue their vital operations in the healthcare industry. Huffmaster’s healthcare staffing division is responsible for building contact lists of Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants.

Recruiters quickly call hundreds of contacts in short periods of time. Thanks to the Progressive Dialer and Voicemail Drop features of CloudCall, Huffmaster recruiters can dial through pre-defined lists and leave voicemails to increase the callback rate and ensure that hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities get the support they need during labor disputes. in productivity.

Providing consistent support and fixing individual issues

CloudCall offers reliable Support to Huffmaster. CloudCall is UK-based but provides necessary support, regardless of the global headquarters. CloudCall also allows teams and individuals to submit support tickets online at their own convenience.

CloudCall reaches out to end users directly whenever there is a problem. This is something Kevin says he has never seen with another vendor; CloudCall doesn’t dismiss groups facing a similar issue – outreach is individualized to make sure every single person in the company is heard and taken care of.

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