Oasis HR streamlines communications with CloudCall for Salesforce.

Oasis HR, a specialist permanent and interim HR recruitment agency based in London, is committed to sourcing the best mid-to-senior HR professionals. Oasis takes pride in providing their employees with access to the most sophisticated tools. That’s why they only implement the leading software into their tech stack.

The Challenge

Prior to CloudCall, Oasis was unable to store conversation data or track team activity


Oasis needed a flexible communications solution to pair with Salesforce that would allow users to work anywhere, whether on a client visit, working from home, or in the office. With CloudCall, Oasis can enhance work-life balance while maintaining visibility into all critical business communications. Oasis has been using CloudCall communications for Salesforce to provide high quality service to customers since 2014.


In order to generate insights to improve the quality of their customer experience, Oasis needed a telephony integration with Salesforce. Oasis required a solution that
allowed them to start every call with the most updated information and store relevant conversation data automatically in Salesforce.

Oasis reps used to sift through old notes to remember relevant information. By the time they found the information they needed, they had missed the start of the call.
Oasis’ biggest challenge? Having no visibility into calls the team made. Before CloudCall, they did not have a system that could track call activity – a key metric for
the business. Equally frustrating for the team at Oasis was the lack of functionality in place to listen to call recordings for training and monitoring purposes.

The Solution

CloudCall’s compatibility with Salesforce allows Oasis to gain insights based on conversation data and analytics.


Oasis was extremely attracted to CloudCall’s compatibility with Salesforce. Oasis’ operations run through Salesforce, so CloudCall’s robust integration was a perfect match for Oasis’ business goals.

Since implementing CloudCall, Oasis HR has been able to dramatically increase the quality of service they can deliver to customers. When inbound call notifications pop up on the computer screen to notify reps of incoming calls, they are no longer fumbling for details when they answer the phone.

Accessing previous conversations has instantly allowed Oasis to turn inbound calls into personalized experiences for customers.


“CloudCall wants to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the software, and they’ll check back in to make sure you are utilizing and taking full advantage of all of the features.”

Katie Barr, Communications Director

Oasis HR

The Results

Oasis allows employees to achieve work/life balance with CloudCall tools.


Oasis HR allows employees to work remotely, making calls from home or anywhere they can connect to the internet or over Wi-Fi. Reps can work from home and have their business number as the outgoing number. As a result, they can take their work anywhere without distributing their personal number. Accessing work contacts through the CloudCallGo! mobile application keeps valuable communications within the business.

CloudCall strengthened Oasis’ training and onboarding processes with call recordings. The new capability to listen to previous calls is highly valuable for new and seasoned reps. Katie adds, “What’s also great is being able to show examples of really fantastic calls from other members of the team and celebrating success of calls that have achieved exactly what they needed to.”

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