CloudCall empowers
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Levin Group has been using CloudCall since the recruitment firm was founded two years ago; they wanted a phone system that tightly integrated with their Bullhorn CRM and a range of features to make work life easier.

Enter CloudCall for Bullhorn.

We caught up with Rachael Broomes, Operations Manager at Levin Group, Ross Bryne, Managing Associate and Iona Stacy-Marks, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Storm2. They told us about their experiences using CloudCall for Bullhorn and how the CRM integration makes their lives easier and saves them time.

The Challenge

Ross Bryne spends a lot of time on the phone in his role, whether making calls himself or training new hires.

“Before I started at Storm2, I was on the phone a lot and we didn’t have anything like CloudCall. A lot of time was spent simply putting numbers into the phone. Having CloudCall helps speed everything up. Time is money, and you don’t want to waste it tapping numbers into a phone.”

“Without CloudCall, we wouldn’t be able to continue the way that we are. You need a system that’s integrated with your database to be able to work efficiently.”
Rachael Broomes, Operations Manager, Levin Group

The Solution

Iona Stacy-Marks has been with Storm2 for about a year and recruits talent from all over the world.

“CloudCall for Bullhorn is an amazing solution. I don’t know how I would do my job without it.”
Iona Stacy-Marks, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Storm2

Storm2 quickly found that CloudCall for Bullhorn helps make their day-to-day lives more productive and efficient. Iona continues:
“It makes my life easier every single day and saves a lot of my time too.”

Here’s a few of the features that benefit Storm2 on a daily basis:

Local Presence

Rachael told us that the Levin Group has been using the Local Presence feature a lot recently;
“Local Presence is really good. We have a lot of clients in the US, who sometimes don’t want to answer to a UK number in case they get charged. Local Presence gives us the option to switch between a US number and a UK number to combat this.”

“We do 70% of our work in the US. Having a UK and a US number means contacts are more likely to pick up the phone. It’s so quick and easy to use.”

Click to Dial

Ross and Iona use CloudCall for Bullhorn every day in their roles and one of the most helpful features is Click to Dial.

“All you have to do is click the number on the screen and it automatically dials it for you. No wasting time manually inputting numbers. It really makes day to day life easier for us in the recruitment sector.”
“Click to Dial is so quick and easy to use. You can see a number on a CV, Bullhorn or LinkedIn and CloudCall is smart enough to recognise it’s a phone number. All you have to do is click on the number and it rings straight away.”

Ross Bryne, Managing Associate, Storm2

“It’s so simple. If you’re calling the same person several times a week, you can add them as a contact through CloudCall which saves us time. It just makes life really efficient.”
Iona Stacy-Marks, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Storm2

Supervisor Panel

Rachael also praised the Supervisor Panel feature. She said:
“The Supervisor Panel is great. We do so much training and it allows us to support the associates in our grad scheme. It enables our trainers to listen in and make sure the grads are okay, if they need advice or if the call isn’t going well, they can whisper support to get them back on track.”

“CloudCall are a lovely bunch.”

Rachael Broomes, Operations Manager,
Levin Group

The Benefits

The main benefit Storm2 has seen since using CloudCall, is the amount of time they have saved. Here’s what the team had to say;

“We are always saving little bits of time with CloudCall for Bullhorn. When you add those little bits up it turns into a lot of hours.”
Rachael Broomes, Operations Manager, Levin Group

“CloudCall is an efficient solution for helping you make your day to day calls easier. I use it every single day and I can’t imagine what my life in recruitment would be like without it.”
Iona Stacy-Marks, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Storm2

“By using CloudCall for Bullhorn, we can easily save time. Even if it just shaves off a few minutes here or there throughout the week, it adds up and can save you an hour or two by the end of the week, if not more.”
Ross Bryne, Managing Associate, Storm2

CloudCall has helped make work life at Storm2 so simple and efficient, they would recommend our integration with Bullhorn to people looking to invest in the solution.

“Integrating your phone system with your CRM is definitely a no brainer. It’s so helpful having your database integrated with your phone system. It just doesn’t make sense not to do it.”
Rachael Broomes, Operations Manager, Levin Group

“Time is money. Any way, shape or form you can save time allows you to reinvest that time into something else, something more important than putting numbers into a phone!”
Ross Bryne, Managing Associate, Storm2

“I would describe CloudCall for Bullhorn as the most efficient way for recruiters to make calls and make the most important tasks of your day-to-day life as quick as possible. It’s just a super easy and user-friendly solution.”
Iona Stacy-Marks, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Storm2

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