#CloudFest2019 Global Recap - CloudCall

#CloudFest2019 Global Recap

By August 2, 2019News

CloudFest is CloudCall’s annual global event held in each CloudCall location throughout the month of July. This summer event was a true festival of outings designed to inspire team-building and creativity that lasts all year.  

CloudFest 2019 kicked off at the CloudCall Headquarters in Leicester, UK on July 11th. It started company-wide meeting in the morning was held in a historical cinema in Leicester. Festivities throughout the day included a photo booth, an espionage activity across the city and more. Snapshots of the UK adventures can be found in the CLOUDFEST UK 2019 Facebook Album

The CloudFest festivities in the CloudCall office in Minsk, Belarus happened a week later, on July 17th. Our team had a great day of productive meeting, team-building activities, and annual awards.

Our Boston office summer outing took place at the end of the month on July 25th. CloudCall in Boston is growing quickly, but the entire team still fits on a sailboat. You can find photos from the day and the CloudCall crew here.  

At every CloudFestCloudCall Awards are presented based on the accomplishments of individuals and teams throughout the year. Here is the full list of award winners from 2019: 

CloudCall Annual Awards 2019 

United States 

Best Newcomer Award – Christian Heide 

Unsung Hero Award – Alex Leonard 

Rising Star Award – Kevin McCloskey 

The CEO Award – Service Delivery (Team) 

2019 CloudCall Champion – Alda Sharxhi 

United Kingdom  

Best Newcomer Award – Keegan Stanton 

Unsung Hero Award – Dan Cook 

Rising Star Award – Becky Slack 

The CEO Award – Customer Service (Team) 

2019 CloudCall Champion  Rachel Harris 


Best Newcomer Award  Mikalai Tsyhankou 

Unsung Hero Award – Aleksey Goretskiy 

Rising Star – Alexander Melah 

The CTO Award – Salesforce Team 

2019 CloudCall Champion  Ilya Hubich 


Congrats to all of the winners from 2019. Looking forward to #CLOUDFEST2020!

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