Communicating with customers: the right channel at the right time

Communicating with customers: the right channel at the right time

Communication is not a  one-way  street and there are certainly increasing numbers of communication channels available. The  number  of platforms and  methods  is making  communicating with consumers easier, but it can be bewildering when deciding which one to use in any given situation. 

By listening to your customers preferences, you can expect to see greater levels of engagement and increased satisfaction levels. After conducting research into customer communication preferences, we discovered that they typically call when they are in need of assistance. Even with the introduction of technology such as chat-bots customers like to ensure their issue is resolved after one conversation with a company representative. However, in more transactional  situations (i.e. tracking a package), customers are satisfied with self-service options such as online tracking. Understanding and acting upon these insights will ultimately ensure a superior customer experience.


Let’s look at the stats…

We’ve pulled out eye-opening stats about customer preferences from our Art of Conversation research
  • 56% of customers said that  calling on the phone was the fastest most efficient channel as it’s easier to explain themselves
  • 60% of customers prefer email as it’s ‘on record’, especially those who  do not require an instant response
  • 35% of customers have sent an email, only to follow up straight away via another channel
  • 38%  of customers said they  would prefer to use a web-form or  web-chat  to track the progress of a delivery
  • 80% of customers surveyed reported having to frequently explain their problem repeatedly

There is no one size fits all

It is clear that when it comes to an ‘ideal’ channel of communication there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. By taking the time to understand your customers’ needs and preferences you will be able to significantly reduce the number of customers facing poor experiences and prevent your business suffering the impact.  

To learn more about the needs and frustrations of your customers by downloading the full research report 

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