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Communications tools you sales team need, now!

By October 8, 2014Communications, Sales
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In the sales marathon, there can only be one winner. And the communications tools your sales team use could be the difference between a yes or a no. So, what sets YOU apart from your competition?

When it comes to closing a deal, preparation, training, and the right tools are the difference between winning and losing. And of course, the phone is the most important tool a salesperson has.

But have you ever stopped to think about how long it takes to make a phone call?

On the surface it seems like a simple process. But even with a CRM you need to search for the contact, find their phone number, manually dial it into your handset, check it twice and ring. What’s worse, after all that, you’re likely to be hit with a voicemail! Before you know it you and your sales teams will have lost vital time that puts you behind your competitors.

SO, it’s time to bring your business processes up to speed by connecting your CRM with the business communications tools you use daily.

  • No more searching for contacts!
  • Goodbye manual number dialling!!
  • So long notes you scribble down on a post-it note!!!
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All the relevant call information, alongside the call recording, call notes and follow up tasks can be logged against the contact record in the CRM.

And this is just the beginning for CRM communication integrations.

Using advanced communications tools, there are plenty of simple but effective ways for your sales teams to:

  • Save time
  • Combat missed opportunities
  • Get ahead of competitors

For example

Two features that go hand in hand are ‘progressive diallers’ and ‘one-click’ calling.

A ‘dialler’ is a simple feature that boosts your calling activities by automatically dialling through campaign lists. It ensures that more time is spent talking to your contacts and less time punching in numbers. Meanwhile, click-to-call functionality makes it easy for your team to call contacts directly from within the CRM. Coupled together, they form of the foundation of an effective tool kit for your sales team.

In short, a good CRM integration makes it easy to input all the most helpful information against the contact record, providing you and your team clear visibility of all details.

This provides the foundation for monitoring sales activities across the business. The insights gained from reports and live dashboards allow your team to see which activities are working, and more importantly, which aren’t. Supervisors can even manage and direct the team’s performance.

Just imagine…

…being able to overcome obstacles like complicated data, slow sales, processes, and lack of motivation! And being able to incorporate call analytics into your reporting for clear insights to optimize your process!

Combining these your CRM with your phone system means you and your team will have more efficient workflows, allowing you to stay one step ahead of competitors.

While they are manually dialling numbers and hitting voicemails, you and your team will have already closed the deal, all while providing a personalized customer experience using the data and insights accessed in the CRM.

female happy using communications tools

Your sales team needs the best communications tools they can get to push deals over the line. And CRM integration, especially a CloudCall one, could give them the edge they need when it comes to interaction, insight and speed.

It’s time to give your sales team the information they need to make every interaction count. So, if you want to find out more, why not book a demo? You can explore CloudCall’s integration tools for yourself with a member of our own expert sales team.

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