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Connecting with your customers: right channel, right time

Simply put; customers want their interactions to be seamless.  

In fact, giving customers access to the right channel of communication at the right time is a priority for 78% of businesses, with 45% saying it is critical to their success.  

Whether it’s a phone call, text, email, like, swipe, form or tweet, in 2021, there are countless methods of communicating with your customers. 

One thing that stands out from the research papers that we commissioned (you can take a look here, you’re welcome), is that the phones are still ringing and show no signs of stopping.  

Our research showed that: 

  • 69% of businesses have seen a growth in inbound call volumes in the last two years. 
  • 12.6% is the average rise in inbound call traffic in the 2 years pre-covid, for customer facing businesses in the UK. 
  • 52% of businesses who have seen surges in inbound traffic, say it’s because customers prefer to talk to someone. 

It’s safe to say then, that the phone call is still top dog. Customers prefer to call (and speak to a human) over any other form of contact.  

46% of consumers have bought elsewhere or cancelled a contract due to difficulties getting in touch. 

It’s important for businesses to listen to what their customers want, especially in a multi-channel environment. If customers want to resolve an urgent query quickly, then they opt to speak to an agent on the phone.  

Even with the introduction of technology such as chat-bots, customers prefer a phone call to ensure that their query has been dealt with. In more simple situations, such as tracking a parcel, customers are satisfied with self-service options such as online tracking.  

Our research found that nearly half (45%) of customers prefer to use the phone to arrange or change an appointment or service call.  

That’s double the number of those who prefer self-serve on a website (20%) or email (24%). 

Don’t forget, there’s no one size fits all. It’s clear that there is no one correct way or channel of communication.  

By taking the time to understand what it is your customers want and at what time, you will be able to boost your customer satisfaction, increase retention and prevent your business from suffering the impact of bad experiences.  

Understanding and acting upon these insights will ultimately ensure a superior customer experience.  

Do you want to learn a bit more about how to keep your customers happy?  

We thought you’d never ask. Take a look at our eBook, ‘Keep your customers happy’ here, to see how the power of combining data and communication can build better relationships. You can thank us later.  

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