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Customer stories – supercharging your productivity

Better productivity = more time to achieve goals, reduced costs, happy teams and happy customers. So, finding ways to boost your businesses productivity is a no brainer. Improving your workflow processes is the best way to make sure you’re using your resources effectively. Investing in your systems is the first step. We can help you there…

Take a look at what our wonderful customers have to say about our productivity boosting software:

“Our recruiters can just hit go on the dialer, if that person doesn’t answer they get a voicemail by the press of a button and they’re on to the next call. That has increased our productivity significantly.” – Kevin McNally, Director of IT at Huffmaster

“With CloudCall, the ability to see the candidate or client profile as they call in has helped our team strategically manage their time.” – Anastasia C. Valentine, President & Managing Partner at Resource 1

“e-Careers have been able to focus on their growth and are very excited about the future of their business, with CloudCall.” – Jazz Sahota, MD at Spartafish

“One of the benefits of using CloudCall has been the speed of using the service. It’s a single click to make a call and the connections are very quick.” – Andrew Papadopoulos, Head of Operations and Compliance at Cognitive Group

So now you want to boost your productivity, right? Request a call back to discover how we can help!

Nicole Dopson

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Nicole is the Content Marketing Specialist based at the CloudCall UK headquarters. She is passionate about creating content that informs and inspires. Outside of the office Nicole enjoys walking her dog and curling up with a good book.

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