Service Level Agreement

Core Services provided

As a software cloud and voice service provider, CloudCall offers complete business communications solutions, specifically for the corporate and business user with the same high level of customer service and account management that is available across all our products. In line with our terms and conditions of service; the following document details our commitment to you to ensure that you always receive an industry leading level of service.

CloudCall Ltd provides various services for our customers. The core services we currently offer are:

CloudCall: A complete hosted telephony service with Telephone Support, Call Recording and CloudCall Click included. Full product specification available athttps://www.cloudcall/cloudcall

Add on Services, software and hardware

CloudCall also provides additional add-on services, software and hardware to be used our core services listed above. Hardware provided by CloudCall is warrantied by the specific manufacturer and CloudCall will honour these warranties. CloudCall commits to replace faulty hardware supplied by CloudCall to the customer where the hardware is still inside the manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually 1 year from date of purchase. Software and additional add-on services do not usually carry a specific warranty but CloudCall will give best endeavours to rectify faults or provide liaison with the specific manufacturer information in order to provide a fix.

Service Performance

Our customers rely on us to provide them with highly reliable services and we endeavour to provide near perfect performance 100% of the time through careful planning, redundant systems and careful monitoring; however as with any software or hardware related service sometimes issues can arise.

We provide a monthly service uptime guarantee to our customers as follows:

Core IP Network* (network edge) availability:Core IP Network* (network edge) availability: 99.99% average uptime**Core IP Network* (network edge) availability:Core CloudCall platform availability ( 99.9% average uptime**Core IP Network* (network edge) availability:CloudCall API availability: ( 99.5% average uptime**

*Core IP Network Availability is defined as our edge-router IP addresses being reachable via IP from the Monitis service endpoints.

**Uptime guarantees are based on normal working operation and do not cover pre-planned maintenance, emergency maintenance or downtime resulting from DDoS and DoS attacks… (ie. attacks by an external party that cause our service availability be reduced)

SLA performance metrics

Our performance metrics are measured by an external independent monitoring company called Monitis ( who provide us with a monthly report on uptime for the components listed above. A current copy of this report is available to you at any time; please request this from our Support department via or your Account Manager.

Planned and Emergency maintenance

CloudCall will need to perform planned or emergency maintenance and upgrades from time to time. Customers will be informed of planned maintenance at least 48 hours prior to the planned maintenance window. Customers will be informed of emergency maintenance at least 3 hours prior to the emergency maintenance window. Both planned and emergency maintenance will be scheduled for out of normal working hours, from 19:00 to 05:00 weekdays or weekend.

SLA under-performance

In the event we do not meet or surpass these uptime metrics, a service credit will be available from us as follows:
0.1% over uptime target = 10% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.2% over uptime target = 20% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.3% over uptime target = 30% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.4% over uptime target = 40% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.5% over uptime target = 50% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.6% over uptime target = 60% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.7% over uptime target = 70% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.8% over uptime target = 80% refund of your monthly service credit*
0.9% over uptime target = 90% refund of your monthly service credit*
1.0% over uptime target = 100% refund of your monthly service credit*
For Core Network Uptime, each 0.01% over the uptime target results in a 10% refund of your monthly service.

*All service credits are given as percentage discounts from the monthly service charge; charges for successful phone calls made by customers are not included in the service credits and will still need to be paid. SLA service credit claims must be made in writing to within 30 days of the end of the month in which the outage/SLA failure occurred. Service Credits will be credited to the customer’s account within 30 days once the claim has been verified and accepted by a Company Director.

Support Service Level and Escalation Process

CloudCall believes in offering our customers a great level of support. Our Customer Service level guarantee and escalation process is below. This is available for service affecting issues only, non-service affecting issues will be dealt with during 08:30-18:00 Monday to Sunday and with a response within 12 hours.

Customer Support:
(Response via email, support ticket or phone within 3 hours – 08:30-18:00 [8:30am – 6pm EST for US] Monday to Friday)

Tel AU: +61 2 9137 8000 (option 2)
Tel UK: 0330 335 0000 (option 2)
Tel US: +1 617 982 1600 for US (option 2)

Support Manager: Dan Underwood (Response via email, support ticket or phone within 6 hours)

CTO: Paul Clarke (Response via email or phone within 48 hours)

CEO: Simon Cleaver (Response via email or phone within 72 hours)

Out of hours support is available using our ticket system via our online support site at (Response to ticket within 12 hours)

Termination of Contract

CloudCall provides its service on a 12 or 1 month contract, please see your specific service plan and terms and conditions of service for the specific contract term. If you wish to cancel your service inside the initial contract term then the full contract will still be payable.

In the unlikely event that CloudCall has failed to reach its SLA uptime targets, as specified above, for 3 consecutive months, the customer has the right to cancel their service giving only one month’s notice. The customer will still be required to pay for their service to the end of that specific month and any phone calls made during this period.