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Why is Data Capture Important for Recruiters?

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If your recruiter’s candidate database is strong – do not let it slip away from your business. 

Capturing data is important for your businessWhy? When a recruiter leaves your business, you do not want them to take their contacts to the competitionMake sure they are storing candidate information within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), so you can continue to nurture candidates even when a recruiter leaves.  

Data capture also makes onboarding an easier process. Onboarding a new hire and helping them ramp up quickly reduces their time to reaching full productivity. For example, having a database of call recordings available to teach a new hire best practices can reduce their training time significantly.  This also helps them begin new relationships based on the conversations that happened before they arrived. 

It is important to have more value with more data in your ATS/CRM, especially if your company is acquired or if you move on to other opportunities. Instead of having sticky notes everywhere, have an integrated system that will easily sync recruiter notes into your ATS/CRM.  

Here are three reasons to care about the data in your CRM/ATS: 

1. Enhance the candidate experience 

Having more data available on specific candidates makes their individual experiences better. How? Being able to reference information from previous conversations shows your candidates that you are listening to them. Build better rapport with data from previous conversations. As a result, better conversations lead to more personalized interactions. Better candidate experience = higher retention.   

2. Reduce Liability

Every interaction that occurs between candidates and recruiters is a reflection of your company. By keeping conversation data on the record, you are able to prevent disputes. For example, it is important to log and record your calls, within legal regulations, especially if matters regarding recorded subjects are disputed. To avoid the ‘he said, she said’, make sure that conversations and interactions are recorded as often as possible.   

3. Get ready for the future (yes, it means AI) 

In the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a major impact on the recruitment industry, specifically for the storage and analysis of data. However, the relationships your teams are building cannot be replaced. 

AI bases intelligence on what it already knows, so the more data that is fed into the system, the more it can output. This is a good reason to make sure that your system has as much accurate, up-to-date data as possible. Beyond the anticipation of AI, data can be used to provide valuable insights that help managers manage better and sellers sell more.  

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