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Detangle your crossed wires to ensure success

You may think that when a business collaborates well internally, that the business performance would reflect that, right? Correct.

56% of companies agree that having their telecoms and CRM in a single system would improve their business performance.

Collaborative organizations can:

  • Outperform competition
  • Function more efficiently
  • Ensure team members stay better aligned

We recently conducted a survey of 200 telecoms and CRM decision makers across the US and the UK. We put our results, full of interesting facts and figures, into an easy to digest eGuide, Especially for You. *queue Kylie and Jason*

Our eGuide ‘Crossed wires: don’t let poor communication hold you back in 2021’, is available for free, here. Go on, take a look!

In our research, we found one key factor which sets aside the success stories from the strugglers: integration.

52% of high performing businesses had strong integration between their CRM systems and communications platforms, compared to just 39% on average.

It’s a pretty big deal when almost six in ten businesses lack a high degree of integration and 11% barely have any at all.

Having healthier integration:

  • Boosts efficiency and functionality
  • Helps keep teams aligned to wider company strategies
  • Provides massive amounts of all-important data insight

When CRM systems and communications platforms operate in silo, you miss out on crucial information and data about the way your business operates, and whether or not your strategies are effective.

A majority of businesses feel the same too, with 56% agreeing that having telecoms and CRM in a single system would improve their business performance.

Having the ability to regularly check the performance of your business and your teams is key, and with a well-integrated system, you’ll be able to view an instant, live snapshot of how your business is performing.

Which might be why 46% of businesses without a highly integrated CRM system plan to do further integration in the future.

After all, if calls and communications can be captured directly into your CRM rather than inputting it all manually, you can free up valuable time and energy to focus on the tasks that are of most value to your business.

Our new eGuide Crossed wires, is packed full of stats and information like the above. Why not take a look yourself, to find out more on how collaboration could be the key to your success this year.

You can download ‘Crossed wires’ for free, here.

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