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Engage with more candidates, faster

engage with more candidates

Are you looking to engage with more candidates, faster?

On Tuesday 17th November 2020 , CloudCall showcased two masterclasses at the Recruitment Innovation Technology Showcase.

Our second session, again led by our Senior Sales Manager, Josh Martin, explores ‘How CloudCall can help you engage with more candidates, faster’. It also tells you a bit more about our CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integration.

Focusing on communication, Josh looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need for recruiters, sales people, and businesses in general, to think about how they are getting in contact with their customers and candidates. Work loads have increased, and work/life balances have dramatically shifted. We’re living in a new world where we’re in the office one day, and at home with the kids running around, (or cats running all over the keyboard) the next.

If we’re managing these issues and recruiters and sales people, our candidates and clients are likely doing the same. So, we need to be creative. We need to be different. And we need to understand where and how our candidates and clients like to be contacted. We need to look at how, in such a competitive market, we can stand out.

But, the need to adapt to this change in environment has only reinforced something that we should already be focused on.

Join Josh in his conversation with Zach Pollicino as they reveal all.

And don’t worry if you missed our other webinars, you can catch up on them all, here. Plus, we already uploaded our first presentation, on ‘Balancing increased workloads in a multi-channel environment’, which you can find, here.

We hope you enjoy our second showcase below.

If you’ve like to more about CloudCall, then why not give us a call? A member of our friendly sales team would be happy to help!

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