Attended Engage 2019?

Get free texting*

This year, Bullhorn Engage attendees are eligible for free texting for two months when they sign up for CloudCall for Bullhorn.

*Free integrated texting for the first 2 months with purchase of CloudCall texting. **Existing CloudCall customers that attended Bullhorn Engage are eligible for the first 2 months free promotion when signing up for texting. 

CloudCall brings voice, texting, and instant messaging together into Bullhorn. When equipped with the latest technology available, recruiters can fly through tasks while focusing on having better conversations with clients and candidates.  

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Bullhorn uses CloudCall internally to streamline critical communications. 

  • Click-to-Call from anywhere
  • Speed through calling lists
  • Never stall for time as you pick up a call with CloudCall’s Inbound Screen Pop
  • Recruiting on the go with the CloudCallGO! Application 
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Ask yourself:

  • What are your staff doing?
  • Is your valuable data staying in your CRM?
  • What are the preferred communication channels for Millennials?
  • How do you attract Millennial candidates?

Watch last year’s session with CloudCall’s CEO, Simon Cleaver; “Millennials, Messaging, and Recruiting: Opportunity, or Risk?” to learn more.


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