Instant Messaging for Bullhorn

Free forever for all Engage attendees

Send instant messages directly from Bullhorn.

Designed for staffing companies and fully integrated into Bullhorn, streamline all your internal and candidate communications within one easy-to-use interface.

Do More Than Just Chat

Drive Instant Collaboration

Send instant messages to individual colleagues or to teams from within Bullhorn.

Sync Important Details into Bullhorn

Toggle with one click to begin saving conversations to candidate, job, and contact records.

Get the Full Picture

All conversations pertaining to known contacts are saved in the candidates’ activity history, providing a complete view of interactions

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Integrate SMS to Bullhorn

Add SMS integration to boost results and build better relationships with your candidates. Messages are automatically captured and stored in Bullhorn to have a full picture of every interaction, at every level.

Streamline Your Workflow

Add SMS to your messaging capabilities through a quick and seamless upgrade process.

Never Lose a Text

Send, receive and capture SMS messages within Bullhorn as full conversations, not separate files. Keep your records complete and ensure project hand-offs are seamless.

Message one-to-one, groups, or masses

Reach out selectively, or broadcast your content – all from inside of Bullhorn.

Amplify Your Outreach

Today, click-to-call, click to message, click to text from the same interface. Tomorrow add: social media messaging, video calls, and other collaboration tools – all within Bullhorn.

CloudCall for Bullhorn

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Unify Your Communications - Add Voice

CloudCall’s advanced telephony features seamlessly integrate with Bullhorn to help you fly through tasks while automatically capturing your candidate conversations.

Fly Through Tasks

With click-to-call from within Bullhorn, Linkedin, and the web; tear sheet power dialling, and more.

Never Fumble an Inbound Call

As CloudCall automatically pops open Bullhorn records and note pages on inbound calls.

Measure Your Success

Capture all candidate conversations between recruiters and candidates – whether voice, text or messaging. Arm your management with the data needed to monitor, measure and tune your business.

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