Attending Engage 2019?
Get complimentary texting.

This year, Bullhorn Engage attendees are eligible for free text messaging for the first 2 months when you sign up for CloudCall for Bullhorn texting.

With this advanced, feature-rich technology, your recruiters will be more productive and have better conversations, while seamlessly capturing important information in your Bullhorn database.

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Use CloudCall to streamline critical communications. 

  • Click-to-Call from anywhere
  • Speed through calling lists
  • Use CloudCall’s Inbound Screen Pop to answer calls more professionally 
  • Recruit on the go with the CloudCallGO! Mobile Application.

Use CloudCall to drive engagement.

  • Have more conversations
  • Communicate in the right ways
  • Capture more information
  • Use data to make better decisions

Engage London will be packed full of insightful presentations and seminars. Watch last year’s session with CloudCall’s CEO, Simon Cleaver, “Millennials, Messaging and Recruiting: Opportunity or Risk?”.